Two in a row by Kent Connolly

The Nationwide cars rolled out on Kentucky speedway with Shane Mceachin taking the pole and Joe Fulkrod on the outside . Joe led 83 of the 90 laps and most importantly the last lap to get by Shane and take the win.

1st Joe Fulkrod
2nd Shane Mceachin
3rd David Schuitema
4th Jeffrey Kochis
5th Daniel Fergerson

Shane Mceachin Holds Off Field by Austin Carver
Shane Mceachin Holds On

3D Motorsports suffered a bad night after the whole team was involved in a early race wreck, but the lone survivor would hold the field off. Shane Mceachin who played a part in the wreck, escaped without much damage and lead sixty-one laps and took home the trophy. The win would be Mceachin's second of the season as he solidified his points lead. Performance Motorsports would have a stellar night with Daniel Fergerson finishing second after a late race pitstop. The fans would be shocked after Rowdy Boy's Racing would finish in the top five. The fans were even more shocked when that driver was Kent Connolly. Connolly ran hard and finished third. Connolly held off hard charging Performance driver Austin Carver, who would cross the line in fourth. Rodney Lease would show muscle yet again and rounded out the top five. 

It's Go Time by Kent Connolly

The  fans at Chicagoland have been anticipating this moment all year. The start of the chase. Austin "The Non-Legend "Carver grabbed the pole with Joshua Hanner on the outside front row. Joshua sent out a statement tonight that he was going to give points leader Ray Schmidt a run for the title. Joshua Hanner  led 96 of the 100 laps in the race. Austin Carver took home 2nd, Ray Schmidt 3rd, Daniel Fergerson 4th, and Rod Lease 5th. Come back next week and see who wins round 2 of the chase at New Hampshire.

Carver Makes it Three by Austin Carver
The Legend Adds To Story

Austin Carver was ready to add to the legend Thursday night by picking up the pole. He didn't stay up front long though as connection issues would send him to the back. Carver took advantage of cautions and worked his way into second and locked himself into a tight battle for the last twenty laps with Ernie Brown. Brown slipped up with two to go and Carver pounced. The two made contact, but each gathered it up and finished the race. Carver took the win with Ernie Brown finishing second. After a post race review, it was determined that Brown changed lanes before the restart on lap 73 and he was given an EOLL. Gregory Thompson would shock everyone in his first career SLM racing with a second place finish and running right with the leaders. Doug Sigmon would finish third and Dennis Wright would rebound from an early spin to finish fourth. Ernie Brown would round out the top five after his penalty was enforced. 

Domination by Kent Connolly

Joe Fulkrod led from "Gentleman start your Engines" to the checkered flag. Joe grabbed the pole and led all 90 laps at Chicagoland with David Schuitema 2nd, Jeffrey Kochis 3rd, Kent Connolly 4th, and Bryan Corey coming in 5th.

Schmidt takes Chicagoland by Kent Connolly

Well the chase starts in the freedom cup series at Chicagoland with  Timothy Kendrick grabbing the pole. Robert Mitten led the most laps but he didnt lead the most important one the last one. Robert overdrove turn two on the last lap to give the lead to hard charging Ray Schmidt. Next race in the chase New Hampshire.


1st  Ray Schmidt

2nd Robert Mitten

3rd Daniel Fergerson

4th Doug Sigmon

5th Dennis Wright 

Brandon Chubirko Winner at Charlotte by Austin Carver
Brandon Chubirko Wins at Charlotte

Well, Brandon Chubirko crossed the line first, but after reviewing the replay... Yeah Chub won this time! 3D's Brandon Chubirko completely dominated the running leading all but two of the laps. His teammate Rodd Flagg would come home second after a late race dash failed to get by Chubirko.  Joshua Hanner was just par for the night.. Finishing third and showing no signs of life and leaving many wondering if his off track activities could be getting in the way. Shane Mceachin shocked the world with another strong run and a fourth place finish without ending anybody's night. The Legend was in full form on Monday night representing Performance Motorsports well with a fifth place finish. 3D bounced back from a horrible race with the top four spots. Can anybody compete with them next week? Stay tuned! 

Ray Schmidt Sweeps Richmond by Dennis W. Wright

Ray takes home 10th checkered flag

Richmond, VA- Daniel Fergerson took the pole for the night and led the first 16 laps before handing the lead over to Ray Schmidt.  Ray then increased his lead lap by lap until halfway when Dennis Wright, coming out of the pits, got together with Rod Mitten. Mitten was running third at the time, and had to make repairs to his #4 machine.  This set up a restart with Ray and Daniel side by side.  Ray got the better of Daniel and continued where he left off.  Wright brought out the finally caution of the night which gave Daniel one more shot at getting by Ray, but Ray was able to set his cruise and capture his 10th victory of the season and have a big advantage with the chase starting.  Daniel came in second followed by Rod Lease in third, Mitten 4th and Wright rounding out the top 5.  The chase is now set as the Cup drivers head to Chicagoland.  Ray has an 18 point lead over Daniel and 21 point lead over Joshua Hanner. 

Ray Dominates Richmond by Kent Connolly

by Jimmy Todd

Richmond, VA—Ray Schmidt showed once again why he is not only been the predominant points leader of the Freedom Cup Series in 2014, but a heavy favorite to be this year’s Freedom Cup Series champion. Doug Sigmon captured the pole by wheeling his machine around the Richmond International Raceway with a lap of 20.441 seconds but was able to only lead 1 lap, the first, before Schmidt took over and lead the remaining 136 laps of the event. The race was only slowed by one caution but even after the field was bunched back up, Schmidt would not be denied his impressive seventh checkered flag of the 2014 season. Sigmon would bring home a solid second place finish followed by the #4 machine of Rob Mitten. Jimmy Todd’s Toyota came home fourth and the #088 machine of Kent Connolly rounded out the Top 5.

With the checkered flag falling at Richmond, the Race to the Chase is completed and now the Chase for the Cup has begun. The standings have taken a little bit of a shuffle as the Chase begins and looks like this:

1. Ray Schmidt 2021 Leader

2. Matt Laventure 2021 -0

3. Jimmy Todd 2006 -15

4. Austin Carver 2006 -15

5. Daniel Fergerson 2003 -18

6. Rodney Lease 2000 -21

7. Kent Connolly 2000 -21

8. Timothy Kendrick 2000 -21

9. David Schuitema 2000 -21

10. Dennis Wright 2000 -21

11. James Hudson 2000 -21

12. Robert Mitten 2000 -21

The next three races will be very interesting as 11th and 12th place will be eliminated at the conclusion of Chase Race #3. The Chase for the Cup begins at Chicagoland Speedway, Tuesday, September 9th. A win gets you in to the next elimination round! Congratulations to all the drivers that made this year’s Chase and good luck to them all!

Wright Dominate at USA by Austin Carver
Travis Wright Picks Up First Win

Travis Wright had the fastest car and used it to win at USA. The path to the front would not be an easy one though as he had to pass the two Performance boys. Wright worked his way by Keiss and then Carver. Travis Wright would earn his first win for him and his namesake. Austin Carver would finish a close second, spinning out of four. Ryan Keiss would finish third, but the admin panel put him to the EOLL because of a lane switch. That would give Doug Sigmon third and Dennis Wright fourth. Ernest Brown would round out the top five. 

Richmond VA- 9/3/14 by Kent Connolly

Rod Mitten doesn't lead all the laps but he leads the last one in an exciting finish in Richmond! The first half of the race was filled with cautions and carnage but the second half featured some great racing between McDuffie and Mitten. Lance and George would battle for third and Kent Connolly would bring his Camaro home for another top 5 keeping him afloat in the standings. Tempers would flare but in the end the strong would survive to finish the race

Top 5

1 Robert Mitten

2 Todd Mcduffie

3 Lance Armentrout Jr

4 George Jones

5 Kent Connolly

Poleske dominates SOBO by Kent Connolly

James Poleske grabbed the pole with Ernest Brown on the outside. James led 104 of the 135 laps to dominate the race with Matthew Laventure leading  25 laps. It was a very clean race until lap down Ryan Keiss and James rubbed fenders and thats where the verbal battle began and ended, but the war was far from over as the two of them had another altercation. Revved Up Racing has prided itself on good clean respectful racing something that people are losing sight of but the admins will  make sure we get back to the level of respect we want and expect in our league.

1st James Poleske 
2nd Ernest Brown
3rd Matthew Laventure
4th Lance Armentrout Jr
5th Doug Sigmon

Teddy Wins at Hotlanta! by Kent Connolly

A crazy day in Atlanta ends with new comer Teddy Reed in victory lane. Prerace favorite Dennis Wright was taken out in an early incident after he was run into by Shawn "The Sherrif" Turner. After 2 early cautions the rest of the race went green and then the strategy came into play. Mitten and Reed short pitted which helped put them passed race leader Johnny Penland.

Mitten is now 2 points ahead of Connolly in a tight points battle. Join us next Wednesday night as we head to Richmond!

1 Teddy Reed

2 Robert Mitten

3 Johnny Penland

4 Kent Connolly

5 Patrick Crowley

Jimmy Todd Wins Atlanta by Kent Connolly

Hampton, Ga—“That’s the best sight I’ve seen all night!” That’s the radio transmission that came across Jimmy Todd’s radio as he came to the checkered flag to take the victory at Atlanta Motor Speedway in round 25 of the Freedom Cup Series on Tuesday night. Todd started 5th but had a good car all night, keeping pace with the leaders and taking care of his equipment. Ray Schmidt took the pole with a blistering lap of 29.511 seconds and would stay on point for the first 51 laps. Schmidt kept the lead through the first round of pit stops which occurred under caution but eventually would give way to Timothy Kendrick who would take command for 4 laps. Kendrick’s Chevrolet eventually stepped out on him and even though Kendrick fought to save the car, it just wasn’t going to come back. Kendrick collected Schmidt while running 1-2 and Todd slipped through. After another round of pit stops Todd took control of the lead and never looked back, leading the last 54 laps and trying to put distance between his Snickers Toyota and the machine piloted by Lance Armentrout Jr. Todd brought home his second win of the season followed by Armentrout Jr. in second. David Schuitema drove to a hard fought third place finish, followed by fourth place finisher Rodney Lease, and Schmidt, after lengthy repairs, rounded out the top 5. After the race we were able to catch up with Todd in Victory Lane. “This is unbelievable. This car was great all night long and probably the best car we have had all season. I don’t know what it is but anytime we have Snickers on the car the car is just awesome. This was our third race this season with Snickers and two out of those three we ended up in Victory Lane. I want to thank first and foremost the good Lord above for giving me the ability to do what I love to do and race with these drivers each and every week. Also I want to thank everyone that keeps Revved Up Racing going and allows the Freedom Cup Series to be possible. After Bristol last week we needed this. Hopefully this gives us momentum and if this Snickers car is going to be this good each week, I may just have to race it more in the Chase!” Right now, you can’t wipe the smile off of Jimmy’s face. He knows that you have to enjoy the wins as they happen because you never know when, or if, the next one will come. That can be worried about later, as for today, it’s all about enjoying the moment and hoisting the Atlanta hardware.

Shane Mceachin Victor at Bristol by Austin Carver
Mceachin Wins Heavy Weight Pounder

3Ds Shane Mceachin did not have the best looking car at the end, but it was fast enough to pick up his first win of the season. Performance Motorsports dominated much of the race with Ryan Keiss leading the most laps. Keiss would lose the lead on the final pit stop and could not rebound. Keiss would finish second with a clean truck. Doug Sigmon is a free agent, but that didn't stop him from running with the heavy hitters. Sigmon fought his way to third and never looked back. Performance would again be represented with The Legend Austin Carver bringing his demo truck home fourth. Rowdy Boys would be represented by their star, Matthe.... No Kent Connolly. Connolly drove a dirty race, but was able to come home fifth. 

David beat Goliath by Dennis W. Wright

Hanner wins third

Bristol,TN-  Austin "The Legend" Carver  led 14 drivers down to the green but Joshua Hanner grabbed the lead and led all 150 laps.  Austin had to settle for bridesmaid once again.  Gregory Thompson came in third place.  Daniel Fergerson finished 4th, and Shane McEachin rounded out the top 5.  There were 3 cautions for 15 laps and no lead changes.  The Cup series takes next week off and the head to Richmond in two weeks before starting the chase. 

Poleske takes Lanier by Kent Connolly

17 cars took the grid in one of the biggest fields in the superlatemodels at Lanier. James Poleske grabbed the pole with Austin Carver on the outside. The race was slowed by 10 cautions in a ruff and rowdy race. The race was going to be a test of patience and attrition. With end of the race coming to an end Carver and Poleske had a last lap altercation giving Poleske the win. SoBo next week so come on out and lets have some fun the key word in sentence is fun.

1st James Poleske
2nd Shane Mceachin
3rd Joshua Hanner
4th Kent Connolly
5th Ernest Brown