Hanner Ices Championship by Austin Carver
Joshua Hanner Pulls it Out at Rockingham 

Joshua Hanner and Rodd Flagg looked to be battling it out for a championship earlier in the year, but after Hanner's win Monday night, Kent Connolly has sung. Hanner battled 3D teammate Brandon Chubirko for most of the last run, but Hanner was too much for the young pro driver. Chubirko spun along with arch rival Frank Buccialia III late in the running. The two spinners only raised next weeks ticket prices though, because the King was back in the top three... Austin Carver drove from the rear several times and survived a horribly timed restart by Kent Connolly to creep into the second spot. Shane Mceachin would glide his way to another top three and gave doubters more reasons to hate. Matthew Laventure would declare himself a free agent before the race and proved he would be the top option after Austin Carver is off the market with a solid fourth place finish. Before we mention the final finisher in the top five, let us remind you that the field did feature several wrecks, but a majority of the twenty two car field finished. That makes this man top five even more shocking... Michigan native and Rowdy Boys driver Dennis Wright took several weeks off and it payed off big time. Wright fought the champ Joshua Hanner for much of the running and then fought back after receiving damage to finish fifth. Joshua Hanner just has to start next week and he will clinch yet another title for him and 3D. The battle for second could not be tighter though with Shane Mceachin and Rodd Flagg separated by only three points! Tune in next week for a make up race at Daytona! 

Daniel Fergerson Cruises to Victory at Atlanta by Dennis W. Wright

Fergerson Dominates Atlanta

Hampton, Ga- Daniel Fergerson led 98 of 100 laps and takes home his third checkered flag of the season. Daniel started on the pole and never looked back. Ray Schmidt took care of his car and let the yellows fall in the right places to finish in 2nd after starting 6th. Kent Connolly survived when he was trapped numerous laps down when he short pitted and was able to take advantage of a wave around and  to get a lucky dog late in the race and bring home his TNT Machine in third place.  The self proclaimed legend, Austin Carver, was really no threat tonight.  He was able however to come home in 4th place.  David Schuitema, making his cup debut was able to score a top 5 coming home in 5th place tonight.  The race was marred by 5 cautions and saw two leaders.  Ray Schmidt holds a 36 point lead in the standings over Daniel Fergerson heading into next weeks race at the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway for race 21. 

Jimmy Todd Wins Thriller by Austin Carver
Todd Wins Nail Bitter at Daytona

As you can see in the ticker, the lap before had a totally different look. Nobody in the stands would have placed their money on Jimmy Todd headed into the final lap, but Todd would defy all odds and pick up the win. Behind the 18 car, the picture shows the carnage as everybody fought for every given inch. Lance Armentrout Jr would come out of nowhere to finish second. Kent Connolly would push and shove his way to third. Calvin Troy would lead the lap before the last, but fell to fourth in the final standings. Austin Carver would come from a lap down late in the running to finish fifth and keep his championship hopes alive. Tune in for another action packed Friday night next week! 

Austin Espitee Wins at New Smymra Sigmon Wins Championships by Austin Carver
Austin Espitee and Doug Sigmon Win Big

Austin Espitee would give the bumper to Ernest Brown and pick up the lead late in the race. Espitee would take the win with a mad crew at his hauler after the running. Doug Sigmon would finish second, but bring home the big trophy with the championship crown. Dayton Gank would continue his impressive streak of top fives with a third place finish. Kent Connolly surprisingly only wrecked once and finished fourth.  Jeffrey Kochis had second on the line for the championship and turned it on at the end to finish fifth. Doug Sigmon won the championship with Kent Connolly and Jeffrey Kochis tying for second!! David Schuitema and Ernest Brown would finish close behind. Congrats to the champ and all competitors for another great season of racing! 

Penland wins race Mitten wins championship by Kent Connolly

Rod Mitten was fastest in practice and put his #9 Ford Mustang on the pole for the Wednesday Nationwide Series finale. But fate had different plans for the rookie, the race was tight all night with the top 3 of Rod Mitten, Butch Gilpin and newcomer Nick Ward swapping places on the top of the leaderboard. With about 20 laps to go Ward would challenge Mitten for the lead but end up taking them both out in turn 4. Ward had terminal damage but Mittens Ford still had some life to keep his championship hopes alive. On the final restart with 10 laps to go it was all about Mr. Where Did He Come From? Johnny Penland, after not leading a single lap Penland aced the restart and never looked back to win the season finale! Johnny P came up 5 points short of Mitten to finish 2nd in the points.

The top 5 of the race went as follows

1 Johnny Penland

2 Butch Gilpin

3 George Jones

4 Robert Mitten

5 Doug Nieskes

The Top 5 of the championship went as follows

1 Robert Mitten

2 Johnny Penland

3 Kent Connolly

4 Jeffrey Kochis

5 David Schuitema

Hudson outlasts by Kent Connolly

The trucks took to Iowa for the 8th race of the season. Brandon Chubirko grabbed the pole with Rodd Flagg on the outside front row. With the legendary Austin Carver not in the race it left the race wide open. Carver was rumoured to be vacationing in SanFrancisco. With 9 yellows flags being  flown the fans were wondering if the race would ever get done. With the race winding down James Hudson held off Joshua Hanner to bring home the bacon and the checkered flag. With  Shane Mceachin coming in 3rd, Gregory Thompson 4th, Doug Sigmon 5th. 

Ray Schmidt takes care of his stuff by Kent Connolly

Well the A cars took to the flat banking of New Hampshire with Trevor Aswarnauth grabbing the pole and Daniel Fergerson on the outside. Trevor Aswarnauth grabbed the lead with Ray Schmidt hot on his tail for about 25 laps. Trevor and Ray had an awesome battle till Ray finally got by Trevor only to have a caution bunge the field back up. During that first run the racers learned they better take of their tire or it was going to be a longggg night. On the last run Daniel  would give Ray a little run for his money but Ray would just walk away from the field. Daniel took second, Joe Marks third, Yves Gallagher fourth, and Trevor bringing home fifth.

Connolly goes Roll Tideeeee by Kent Connolly

Dave McArthur grabbed the pole at famed Daytona with Scott Amey on the outside line. With the car counts low there was an anticipation of some good racing but that notion died quickwith some aggresive driving. With only about 4 cars in the lead pack strategy would play into out come. Kent Connolly led the pack in to pit road but would come out with a sizeable gap between he and the second place car of  Tyler Bachelder and third place of Jimmy Todd but got tracked down by the two. It was coming down to who would make his move and when but when a late race caution came out it locked the field giving Connolly first, Tyler Bachelder second. Jimmy Todd third, Jakob Howchick fourth, and David Schuitema fifth.

Sigmon Shines by Kent Connolly

The drivers of the Freedom Cup Series joined by late model ace Doug Sigmon tackled New Hampshire Motor Speedway on Tuesday. Or more accurately NHMS tackled the drivers. The fixed set up supplied was very difficult to drive due to having too much rear brake bias. Even the best drivers could spin their cars out by just thinking about braking. However, being a fixed set up series everyone races on an equal plane.

Timothy TJ Kendrick grabbed the pole in his #29 Bad Boy Buggies Chevrolet with Jimmy Todd to his outside. Series points leader Ray Schmidt and occasional visitor Doug Sigmon filled up row two. Kendrick took the green and held his spot for 3 laps until Schmidt was able to roll by on the inside. By lap six Austin Carver had improved his position to third after starting on the outside of row 3. His strong showing in the opening laps would be short lived as he became the first victim of the sensitive brakes and self spun into the inside wall ending his night on lap ten. He wasn't alone as the race was marred by 9 cautions with the majority of them being self spins. Schmidt stayed out while the rest of the field pitted. When the race resumed he would hold down the top position with Kendrick and Todd following close behind. The three drivers that would hold down those three positions for the majority of the race through a spate of cautions.

Schmidt looked like the car to beat and would go on to lead 60 of the 100 laps led until following a caution on Lap 74 running as the leader coming back to the green he ran out of talent spun his tires turned into the second place car of Kendrick then hard into the outside wall effectively ending his night although he did limp his badly damaged car to the finish 5 laps down. In the incident TJ also got heavy damage but was able to affect repairs and stay on the lead lap. Jimmy Todd would get bit by one of the league rules. Black flags are not cleared. In the FCS if you get a black flag for any reason you bite the bullet and pay the penalty. Todd was heard on the private radio lamenting that rule but took his medicine.

The ensuing restart would see the field shaken up with Dennis Wright, Doug Sigmon and Kent Connolly taking the three top spots. However for Wright and Connolly the race would finish much as it had been going all evening as a couple more late cautions would cause them to fall from contention.

As if to be a fitting conclusion to a rough night the race would finish under caution. Doug Sigmon would use his Late Model short track experience to find himself up front at the right time and take the checkered. The bad luck of Connolly and Wright would pay off for Todd and Kendrick who came home second and third the only cars on the lead lap. Rodney Lease came home in fourth one lap down and Connolly grabbed the fifth place two laps down.

Schmidt would have his worst finish since the second race in Phoenix but still managed to extend his points lead with Matt Laventure again unable to make the trip. Rodney Lease has taken over second in the standings followed by Connolly, Laventure and Jimmy Todd rounding out the top 5.

With next week being an off week the drivers will have a chance to lick their wounds and dream about what could have been before heading to The Brickyard on July 22nd.

Dayton Gank wins at Lanier by Kent Connolly

Well the Superlatemodels took to Lanier . Ernest Brown grabbed the pole and Doug sigmon  on the outside.
Ernest Brown looked like the dominant car when an early wreck gave him major damage. Dayton Gank seized the opportunity led the most laps with Kent connolly hot on his tracks but never could quite get to Dayton. Next week will be the season finale at New Smyrna Speedway. Come see if Doug Sigmon can close out the championship.
Final results:

1st Dayton Gank
2nd Kent Connolly
3rd Doug Sigmon
4th Jeffrey Kochis
5th David Schuitema

The Legend Returns by Austin Carver
Carver Returns Home

The bells rang and fireworks filled the air as people took part in festivities across the land. It was clear.. The King had returned. Robert Mitten lead the most laps and looked to be dominate throughout the running, but at the end it was clear... Mitten was a ant in a world of giants. Mitten found out just why Carver had reached legendary status at Revved Up... With seven to go, Carver reeled Mitten in from a second and a half back and easily made the pass on the outside. Mitten would result to dirty tatics to hold off Carver, door slamming him multiple times, but Carver prevailed and sailed away. Carver would win, but Mitten would gain valuable ground over the very veteran driver Kent Connolly in the points championship. Travis Wright would make his debut for Wednesday nights and show why he still is one of the most feared drivers with a third place finish. Butch Gilpin showed what he could do when he doesn't get taken out with a fourth place finish. Johnny Penland finished fifth and solidified his chances for the championship title. There is just eleven points seperating Mitten, Connolly and Penland heading into the showdown finale. 

Jason Oltmanns Fights His Way to Victory by Austin Carver
Jason Oltmanns Gets Win #1 for Season

G's Up made a big move in the off-season to pick up Jason Oltmanns and it payed off with a win Monday night. Oltmanns held off championship leader Joshua Hanner. Hanner's second would normally be a huge points day, but points challenger Rodd Flagg would finish third. Doug Sigmon would battle hard and it would pay off with a fourth place finish. The crowd would be on its feet when favorite driver Austin Carver would bounce back from major damage and wheel his way to a top five. The points are still close with Hanner and Flagg   separated by just seven points. Shane Mceachin may be a long shot now in third. 

Lance Armentrout Jr Wins at Daytona by Austin Carver
Lance Armentrout Jr Picks Up Win

Lance Armentrout Jr and Matthew Laventure stayed together the entire last run and it payed off for them. Ray Schmidt and Trevor Aswarnauth would be the challenging duo at the end, but the two misjudged the timing and finished behind Armentrout and Laventure. The final order would be Armentrout winning, Laventure in second, Schmidt in third and Aswarnauth coming home fourth. Robert Mitten would severally bring down the talent level of Austin Carver, but Carver would still manage to come home with a top five in fifth place. 

Brown takes Phoenix by Kent Connolly

Well the Superlatemodels took to Phoenix. Peter Taloumis grabbed the pole and Ernest Brown on the outside.
Final results:
1st Ernest Brown
2nd Doug Sigmon
3rd  Joe Hernandez
4th Kent Connolly
5th David Schuitema

Schmidt Wins at Daytona by Austin Carver
Schmidt Passes Connolly for Win

Kent Connolly was leading through the last lap, but in turn four things took a change for the worse for the German driver. Austin Carver may be the Legend, but Ray Schmidt is making some bed time stories with his plate track performances. Schmidt pulled out and beat Connolly to the line in a perfectly timed move. David Schuitema would look strong until lap cars got in the way of him and the two leaders, but he would finish third. Johnny Penland would show some muscle yet again and finish fourth. Bill Paradise would have a performance that was movie worthy and rounded out the top five. The points could not be tighter with Kent Connolly and Rod Mitten deadlocked for the top spot. Johnny Penland is looking to pounce next week with just seven points between him and the leaders. 

Schmidt Triumphs In The Battle At The Beach by Kent Connolly

The Freedom Cup Series rolled into Daytona for a 53 lap shoot out under the lights Tuesday night. Even with series founder Jimmy Todd and Matt Laventure leading in wins and presently holding down second place in points absent and taking a provisional 15 cars took the green flag.

As to be expected with a fixed set qualifying times were very close. Only 7 cars qualified with the gap between first and seventh less then .07 seconds. Ray Schmidt grabbed the pole by .025 over Trevin Aswarnauth. David Schuitema and Marshall Crowell filled out row two.

When the race went green Schmidt took postion on the yellow line with Aswarnauth falling in behind. Exactly where they would run for the next 53 laps. On lap 4 the two car group of Doug Pack being pushed by Clifford Ferguson made a move to the outside allowing Pack to lead a lap but were unable to clear cars of Schmidt and Aswarnauth before falling back and resuming their place in line. A common refrain as 14 laps later is was the tandem of Austin Carver being pushed by Schuitema which gave Carver a lap led but suffered the same fate. They did regroup and make another run a couple laps later giving Schuitema a lap led. On lap 22 the big one happened removing over half of the field from contention for the win. The field pitted with no change in the top 5 running order.

Schmidt took the green on the restart with Trevin following and again both cars camped out on the yellow line. They would hold those positions for the final 20 laps. The final lap would see Chuck Runyan try to hook up with Carver and go to the outside. Aswarnauth recognized the last ditch effort and jumped up in front of the two cars hoping to take advantage of their push but their tandem broke apart causing them to lose steam. Schmidt took the checker with Trevin taking second by the same .025 second gap he trailed in qualifying followed by Carver, Runyan and Shuitema rounding out the top 5. The damaged cars of Bill Paradise, Marshall Crowell and Kent Connolly kept plugging finishing the race one lap down.

Next week the FCS will follow Tropical Storm Arthur up the east coast bringing their own hurricane to lakes region of central New Hampshire and New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

Hanner Regains Stronghold by Austin Carver
Hanner Dominate at Kentucky 

3D Racing's Joshua Hanner dominated at Kentucky and added to his chances of picking up yet another championship. G's Up would represent well yet again with Gregory Thompson finishing second. Rodd Flagg would minimize the damage with a solid third place finish after trouble early. Performance would again show strength with Daniel Fergerson coming home fourth. Jason Oltmanns would round out the top five. Only four races remain and just six points separate Hanner and Flagg for the championship! 

Schmidt Wins at Kentucky by Austin Carver
Ray Schmidt Capitalizes for Win at Kentucky

Ryan Keiss looked to be the dominate car at Kentucky until a mid race wreck gave him severe front end damage. Ray Schmidt would be quick to take over the lead spot and never look back. Schmidt took home the win with the hard charging damaged car of Ryan Keiss finishing second. Daniel Fergerson would being his tight car home third. Rod Lease would finish fourth after a stellar clean run. Yves Gallagher adjusted on his car throughout the race and finished fifth. Its Daytona next week, so cmon out for plate racing at its finest! 

Newcomer Dayton Gank whips field by Kent Connolly

Well the Superlatemodels took to USA.  Tony Monge grabbed the pole and Gene Daily on the outside. 
1st Dayton Gank
2nd Doug Sigmon
3rd Gene Daily
4th Brandon Christian
5th Jeffrey Kochis

Schmidt rolls over Kentucky by Kent Connolly

The Freedom Cup Series rolled into Sparta, KY to contest the 17th race of the season under the lights at Kentucky Speedway. A track that is in such bad condition that rather then marketing the competitive racing to be had at the facility they are relegated to running commercials touting just how bad the condition of the track really is.

Nine drivers took the green flag at the start with Matthew Laventure capturing his 7th pole of the season. Laventure led the field to the green with Ray Schmidt to his outside on row one and Jimmy Todd and David Shuitema comprising row two.

Laventure went on to lead 4 laps until a minor bobble in the corner on lap 4 opened the door for Schmidt who slipped by on the inside to grab the lead. The bobble brought Timothy Kendrick to Laventures bumper and the two would battle for the second position most of the night. A caution on lap 29 gave the field the opportunity to pit for tires and first timer Timothy Mullins stayed out an extra lap under caution to grab a bonus point for a lap lead.

Schmidt held the lead as the green flew again with Laventure and Kendrick resuming their battle for second joined by Austin Carver who quietly made his way up to fourth. Kendrick who had a fast car in practice and appeared to be a contender for the win got by Laventure and the two were beginning to put pressure on the leader as the second and last caution of the night flew five laps later on lap 38. The caution falling as it did opened up multiple strategies since it was just beyond a fuel run under race conditions. Schmidt in the lead chose to take two tires while the remaining drivers took four. Kendrick, Todd and Kent Connolly chose to go down pit road a second time to top off the tank.

Schmidt jumped out to over a one second lead on the restart with Laventure and Carver in tow. It appeared that Schmidt's two tire strategy was going to be a mistake as Laventure and Carver ran him down with Kendrick who got past Todd bearing down also. Schmidt was able to hold off hard charging Laventure and as tires started to give away Carver fell back into the clutches of Kendrick with the two swapping the 3rd position 5 times over the last 50 laps to the detriment of Kendrick's fuel strategy. The battle with Todd and Carver caused him to use up his tires too early in the run. A late problem removed Todd from the mix.

As the laps wound down and the tires gave up the challengers lap times plummeted giving Schmidt the break he needed and allowing him to go into fuel conservation mode. The race finished Schmidt, Laventure, Kendrick, Carver with Todd rounding out the top five. There was no change in the top ten points following the race.

Bring your sun tan lotion and speedos, (on second thought don't. Nobody wants to see that.) next week the FCS will head to the beach to take on the great equalizer Daytona Speedway again under the lights.

Gilpin Wins Battle, Connolly Wins War by Austin Carver
Gilpin and Connolly Big Winners at Finale 

Butch Gilpin was leading in the final laps when a multi car wreck broke out and he cruised to the flag under caution. Kent Connolly was looking to make a move, but we will never know if he had anything for the bad fast Gilpin. Connolly would come home second with Cody McCorkle finishing third. David Schuitema would have yet another strong run in his pocket and would bring his car across the line in fourth. To the normal racer, a fifth place finish would be a great day at the track, but to fan favorite Austin Carver, the finish was unacceptable. Carver came home fifth after so called teammate Kent Connolly left him after Carver pushed him to the front. Connolly didn't make any friends Friday night, but he would claim the championship with a sizable gap between first and second. That second place finisher would be Rod Lease, a driver would didn't use glitch fast tows or dirty side drafts and intentional wrecks to make it into the top three. David Schuitema would wrap up his impress campaign with third place in the points. Dennis Wright would use his admin powers to bump him up to fourth in the standings. Chris Roberts would round out the top five, while some had him pegged to win it all until a two race absence ended any chance of such a feat. 

Brown wins at Richmond by Kent Connolly

Full field at Richmond under the lights in what started out  a beatin and a banging ended up being a good race.

Results :
1.Ernest Brown
2.Kevin J Myers
3.Doug Sigmon
4.Kent Connolly
5.Bryan Grandin

Road Course Ace Czerniecki Wins in Road America! by Rod Mitten

The inaugural race for the Wednesday Night Nationwide Series started off well for most drivers. As the night went on I could not say the most for some people. Austin Carver did not live up to expectations, it is believed he was bothered by the short autograph line before the race as most the fans crowded around new driver Gabriel Czerniecki. The fans made the right choice as Gabriel won the race by 20 seconds only to be challenged early by Butch Gilpin. Johnny Penland also ran well bringing home a runner up finish.

The top 5 went as followed
1 Gabriel Czerniecki
2 Johnny Penland -20.910
3 Butch Gilpin -24.501
4 Robert Mitten -54.298
5 Doug Nieskes -1:23.581

Laventure Laps The Field by Kent Connolly

It was said I couldn't keep my race recaps brief. I disagree.

The Freedom Cup Series visited Sonoma Tuesday evening and Matt Laventure went to school on the field with a qualifying lap 3 seconds faster then Ray Schmidt on the outside pole. He also went on to lap the field twice while clicking off an average lap time 2 seconds faster then the second place finisher Schmidt who started on pit road and was immediately scored a lap down by an iRacing bug. While Laventure was busy burning the track up Schmidt had to race to get his lap back then race his way up to second albeit still one lap down to the far superior Laventure.

Kent Connolly brought his car home third followed by Jimmy Todd with Trevin Aswarnauth rounding out the top five.

Next week the FCS will be in Kentucky under the lights.

Frank Buccialia III Wins at Cali by Austin Carver
Frank Buccialia III Sneaks Into Victory Lane 

On the final lap it was 3D teammates Joshua Hanner and Rodd Flagg battling it out for the win, but Frank Buccialia III would join the party when he made a bold move onto the apron and took the pair three wide. That is when the 3D night soured... Hanner and Flagg made contact and headed to the fence. Buccialia would sneak by on the bottom and pick up the win for him and G's Up. Performance would make a strong pitch to highly coveted potential free agent Austin Carver during the race, and added some extra icing to the cake with Ryan Keiss coming home second. James Hudson would battle hard the entire race and finished third. JPR's own Johnny Penland had a bad fast truck and finished a season high fourth place. Performance would be represented again in the top five with Daniel Fergerson rounding out the top five. 

Ray Schmidt Cruises to Victory by Dennis W. Wright

Brooklyn, MI- Ray Schmidt started outside row 1 and took over the lead on lap 7 and never looked back. Ray had his cruise control set and had his best friend in the passenger seat with his head hanging out the window. Daniel Fergerson started on the pole and had to settle for second. Daniel received front end damage on lap 54 by the 54 machine of Dennis Wright that all but sucked the wind out of Daniel's sail. Kent Connolly led 5 laps and was able to keep his car clean and finish in third while Rod Lease, running out of time to run Connolly down, finished fourth.  Trevor Aswarnauth  rounded out the top 5.  The race was slowed by one caution and saw 5 lead changes amongst 4 drivers. Ray Schmidt remains your points leader after 15 races.   Next week the cup drivers take to the road course in Sonoma, California.   

Dega Bound by Kent Connolly

Well it was a small field but it was a quality field. Mike Elliott grabbed the pole for the Dega 65 in what was a highly anticipated night especially with the Austin Carver bobble heads being passed out to the first 500 patrons but they turned out to be not as hot a comodity as expected. We watched some of the fans turning their noses up to the dolls. With just 2 yellows  the race turned into another fuel saver The Connolly and Lease machine tried a short pit to catch the other racers by surprise but they were on to it. When it come to the end it was a matter of being in the right place at the right time with Kent Connolly being pushed by the fast Rod Lease machine.  Butch Gilpin and Chuck Runyan had a strong run on the outside but fell just short . Connolly brought home 1st , Lease 2nd who looks like he put away his personal differences with Connolly, Gilpin 3rd, Runyan 4th, and new comer and odd man out Kory Hague brought home 5th.

Ihor Bilyy Brings Home the Trophy by Austin Carver
Ihor Keeps it Low and Fast

Rod Mitten was all but certain to take the trophy, but a late race aggressive move by points leader Kent Connolly ended the dream. Rod, who was a rookie heading into the event was shown no love by Kent *Hickory* Connolly. Mitten went to the high side to help Connolly, but he had other plans when he took Rod three wide and eventually sent Mitten into the wall hard. Ihor Bilyy would not complain though and stayed low and clear out of the wreck to take the win. Connolly's dirty driving would pay off for him with a second place finish and may also help him clinch the championship. 
Austin Carver would keep it clean and leave with a third and his honor-ability also. 
David Schuitema would bounce back from a pit penalty to finish fourth. Rod Mitten came home a disappointing fifth after his strong run was ended by the dirty tactics of Kent Connolly. 

Sigmon dominates the Lady in Black by Kent Connolly

 Doug Sigmon grabbed the pole and totally dominated the rough and rugged Darlington. Doug led all but 1 lap of the 100 laps to put a beat down on the field. Jeffrey Kochis grabbed 2nd, David Schuitema 3rd, David Schreck 4th, and new on the racing scene Ted Quincel brought home 5th place. Cmon out next week and run some Richmond night.

Schmidt Shines at Michigan by Kent Connolly

   Revved Up Racing visited the high speed oval of Michigan International Speedway for the 15th round of the Freedom Cup Series Tuesday night. The race was marked by the return of Matthew Laventure looking to add another to his long list of FCS victories and once again the absence of Revved Up legend Austin Carver. The word around the garage is that Carver was suffering from severe blisters on his fingers and he was unable to grip the steering wheel. The common assumption is that they were caused during the many autograph sessions over the last week. However, an anonymous source stated that indeed the blisters were grip induced but they were not caused by a pen. Before he could finish dishing the information the sources cell phone started to cut out, all that could be made out before the call was dropped was something about the emergency room and four hours. All of us in the FCS hope that he is alright and his recovery isn't too hard....ummmm difficult, and he returns soon.

Laventure made a statement of intentions by showing speed in practice and bettering that in qualifying by capturing the pole position. He was joined on the front row by Ray Schmidt with Robert Mitten on row two inside of Trevin Aswarnauth. Unfortunately for Mitten he had connection problems and got disco'd just prior to the start. He would eventually make it back on the track just in time to come back out on the first lap just in front of the leader only to lose the connection one more time ending his race prematurely.

Laventure led the field to the green but had difficulty getting going falling back to fourth on the first lap. His race complicated by the fact that he failed to reset his steering ratio following qualifying. Schmidt grabbed the lead on lap one and held onto it until the first caution with Aswarnauth in his tracks until he started to experience some handling problems.

Following the caution Schmidt won the race off pit road followed by Trevin, Matt and Chuck Runyan. Schmidt spun his tires on the restart but was able to maintain the lead with the rest falling into line. Trevin kept the 89 car up front until the handling problems from the first run returned. He lost control but managed to keep it out of the way allowing the race continue with out a caution. Hollis VanderLoon was able to drive by Runyan to take over the third spot

After much debate Schmidt decided to pit on lap 54 and chose to take four tires. A decision that appeared to be a mistake when the second place car of Laventure which was trailing by 1.5 secs prior to the stop came out six seconds ahead after he pitted two laps later. Schmidt could be heard on the radio cussing himself and the world for apparently letting the win get way. With 10 laps to go he was gaining about a half second a lap on Laventure but it was unlikely that he was going to have a chance to pass him even if he did catch him. However, it is often better to be lucky then good and a late caution set up a 3 lap sprint to the finish.

Schmidt in the 12 stayed on the track while the rest of the field pitted. This gave Laventure the opportunity to get the fresh rubber his opted against during his green flag stop however he came back out in third behind the 18 of Jimmy Todd who spent the majority of the day in the top 5.

Schmidt managed to keep his tires in the track on the final restart blasting into turn one praying that Todd would be able to hold off Laventure long enough to let him stretch the lead. Todd didn't get the start he wanted and surrendered the position to Laventure and Runyan but was able to demand their attention just long enough to benifit the 12. Laventure gave it everything he had even running the races fast lap with one to go but he just came up a bit short. Schmidt was heard saying that when he beats Laventure on the track he knows he accomplished something. Runyan brought the #20 home in third and Jimmy Todd followed up his strong run from last week with a fourth place finish. The fifth position went to Kent "Never Say Quit" Connolly.

There was no change in the top 5 point standings, but Schuitema, Aswarnauth, VanderLoon, Mitten, Runyan and Burton all made large gains in the over all standings in their quest to make the chase. The Freedom Cup Series packs up the haulers for the cross country trip to the heart of California's wine industry in Sonoma to tackle the tough and technical road track in round 16.

Flagg Is the New Man by Austin Carver
Rodd Flagg Doubles Up

3D's Rodd Flagg made a daring move to get around reigning champion Joshua Hanner to take the win Monday night. That would be Flagg's second win in as many weeks. Teammate Joshua *Old News* Hanner would come home second with G's Up's own Jason Oltmanns finishing third. 3D would pick up a couple more top fives with Brandon Chubirko in fourth and Shane Mceachin rounding out the top five. The rookie driver of Robert Mitten would come in with a lot of hype, but would not impress with a 13th place finish. The race started with 28 drivers, but only saw the caution flag twice. Join us again next week for more #Revved Up action! 

New points leader by Dennis W. Wright

Long Pond, PA--Ray Schmidt wins his fourth race of the season and takes over the points lead from absent Daniel Fergerson.  Brandon Chubirko took his 6th pole of the year but had to settle for ninth place after wrecking out on lap 16.  Joshua Hanner was the outside pole sitter and had a fast car but battling for the lead he lost control out of 3 and slammed hard into the inside wall ending his night as well.  James Hudson looked to be very strong and was pulling away as the leader with Schmidt and newcomer Trevor Aswarnauth battling for second place.  Electrical issues killed the night for Hudson handing the lead over to Schmidt on lap 41.   Caution waved for the last time for a spin and it set up a 4 lap shoot out.  Trevor was able to beat Schmidt into 1 but was not able to stay out in front Schmidt .   Schmidt brought home the checkers with Trevor second, Rod Lease brought home another top 3 car in third,  Austin Carver in fourth and Yves Gallagher rounded out the top 5.  The race was slowed by 5 cautions and saw 6 lead changes among 4 drivers.  Round 15 of the Cup series heads to the Irish Hills of Brooklyn, Mi and the famed 2 mile oval at MIS.