The Road Course King Strikes Again by Kent Connolly

1 Matthew Laventure 
2 Daniel Fergerson 
3 Jaron Antley 
4 Rodd Flagg 
5 Kent Connolly 
6 Gregory Thompson
7 David Schreck 
8 Doug Sigmon 
9 Jimmy Todd
10 Shawn Turner 
11 Rodney Lease 
12 Bill Paradise 

Fergerson Wins at Bristol by Austin Carver

The Revved Up crew headed to Bristol for some short track racing on Monday night. It looked like a classic RFR South and Performance Motorsports battle early on, but Performance would gain the upper hand after a couple of miscues by South’s Joshua Hanner and Rodd Flagg. Performance’s Jaron Antley looked strong early on and gained a huge lead over the pack, but his teammate Daniel Fergerson would be patiently waiting in the weeds to pounce on the leader. Once Fergerson did gain the lead he never looked back and cruised to the victory. RFR North would rebound though with Rodd Flagg coming from the back after the only yellow of the night to pick up the second spot. Jaron Antley would fall back to a strong but disappointing third place. Joshua Hanner would look strong early, but the wall would slow his progress. Even so the RFR South driver would rebound to take home a top five spot in fourth place. The surprise of the night would be Doug *Short Track* Sigmon who laid down a solid qualifying lap and he was strong the entire night which earned him the final top five spot. With just weeks away until the chase, it has never been more important to pick up a win with the door closing on many racers chances.

Laventure Bristles Bristol by Kent Connolly

1 Matthew Laventure

2 Lance Armentrout Jr 

3 Jimmy Todd

4 Gregory Thompson 

5 Rodney Lease 

6 Kent Connolly 

7 Daniel Fergerson 

2 in a row for Matthew Laventure by Kent Connolly

1 Matthew Laventure 
2 Daniel Fergerson 
3 Kent Connolly 
4 Robert Mitten 
5 Gregory Thompson 
6 Rodd Flagg 
7 Bill Paradise
8 Doug Sigmon 
9 Jimmy Todd 
10 David Schreck 
11 Jaron Antley Provisional  
12 Austin Carver Provisional
13 Rodney Lease Provisional

Fergerson "Conserves" a win at Michigan by Kent Connolly

1 Daniel Fergerson 

2 Austin Carver 

3 Matthew Laventure 

4 Gene Daily 

5 Jimmy Todd 

6 George Jones 

7 Kent Connolly 

8 Gregory Thompson 

9 Rodney Lease 

10 Lance Armentrout Jr 

11 Shawn Turner 

Laventure Wins by Austin Carver

It was the Monday night series turn to take on the many turns at Watkins Glen. Jimmy Todd Racing driver Matthew Laventure would be the dominate car the whole night and would pick up Laventure’s first win of the season, as well as the first win for Jimmy Todd Racing. The win would end the streak for RFR South’s Joshua Hanner, but Hanner would not be far behind in the leaderboard as he came home second. Free agent and road course legend Jason Lupo would show deadly speed, but would make a couple costly bobbles and finished a disappointing third. RFR South would again show its muscle on road courses with Rodd Flagg cruising to a fourth place finish. RFR North would sneak its way into the top five with Frank Buccialia III snagging the final top five spot. Tune in next week for more road course action!

Laventure Whoops Watkins Glen by Kent Connolly

1 Matthew Laventure 

2 Daniel Fergerson 

3 Kent Connolly 

4 Jimmy Todd 

5 George Jones 

6 Rodney Lease 

7 Lance Armentrout Jr 

8 David Schreck 

9 David Schuitema Provisional

4 In A Row For Hanner At Iowa by Kent Connolly

  On track reporter on vacation no writeup available:

1 Joshua Hanner RFR South

2 Rodd Flagg RFR South

3 Jaron Antley Performance Motorsports

4 David Schreck Misfit Motorsports

5 Daniel Fergerson Performance Motorsports

6 Doug Sigmon 

7 Gregory Thompson Performance Motorsports

8 Bill Paradise 

9 Rodney Lease Rowdy Boys Racing

10 Shane Mceachin  RFR South

11 Frank Buccialia RFR North

12 Kent Connolly Rowdy Boys Racing

13 Jimmy Todd Jimmy Todd Racing

14 Shawn Turner Jimmy Todd Racing

15 Austin Carver Performance Motorsports

Photo Finish at Pocono with Fergerson Takin the Win by Kent Connolly

 1 Daniel Fergerson 

2 Matthew Laventure 

3 Gene Daily 

4 Austin Carver 

5 Kent Connolly 

6 Jimmy Todd 

7 Lance Armentrout Jr 

8 James Troeger 

9 Rodney Lease 

10 Kenneth Schuitema 

11 Kenneth Boehm 

12 Shawn Turner 

Hanner Extends Winning Street by Austin Carver

It was a memorable Brickyard for Revved Up that would see just four cautions and intense racing. RFR South and Joshua Hanner would extend their winning streak with Joshua Hanner edging out Performance Motorsports's Gregory Thompson after a late race restart. Thompson would take home his best finish of the year and gain momentum for Iowa. Jimmy Todd Racing would make a rare appearance in the top five with driver Matthew Laventure sneaking through the field to a third place finish. Daniel Fergerson would put his Performance Motorsports ride in the top five with a fourth place finish. Rowdy Boys Racing would also make a top five showing with underdog racer Kent Connolly showing up strong at the brickyard. The chase is closing in and the spots are filling fast! 

Fergerson Wins By A Nose At The Brickyard by Kent Connolly

1 Daniel Fergerson 

2 Matthew Laventure 

3 Jimmy Todd 

4 Kent Connolly 

5 Lance Armentrout Jr 

6 Kenneth Schuitema 

7 Kenneth Boehm 

8 David Schuitema 

9 Shawn Turner 

10 Rodney Lease

Joshua Hanner Takes New Hampshire by Kent Connolly

The Xfinity Boys took to New Hampshire for race 13 of 32 with Rodd Flagg grabing the pole with a blistering 30.860 and Joshua Hanner outside front row. 
The race only had one caution in clean race. 

1 Joshua Hanner RFR South

2 Rodd Flagg  RFR South

3 Frank Buccialia III RFR North

4 Robert Mitten  Rowdy Boys Racing

5 Gregory Thompson Performance Motorsports

6 Daniel Fergerson Performance Motorsports

7 Doug Sigmon

8 David Schreck  Misfit Motorsports

9 Kent Connolly Rowdy Boys Racing

10 Ronald Thompson  RFR North

11 Rodney Lease  Rowdy Boys Racing

Jaron Antley Provisional Performance Motorsports

Austin Carver Provisional Performance Motorsports

Bill Paradise Provisional

Jimmy Todd Provisional Jimmy Todd Racing

Hanner Wins at Kentucky by Austin Carver
Hanner Back in Victory Lane

RFR South would have a dominate run at Kentucky with the team sweeping the top two sports. South's Joshua Hanner would lead the most laps and edge out his teammate and birthday boy Rodd Flagg for the win. RFR North would have a dog in the fight as well with Frank Buccialia III running hard and coming home a close third. Team points leader Performance Motorsports would lose some points to South, but would minimize the damage done with driver's Jaron Antley and Daniel Fergerson coming home fourth and fifth. Antley and Fergerson still hold onto the top two spots in the points, with Antley just seven points behind leader Fergerson. Be sure to show up for New Hampshire next week! 

Rodd Flagg Wins a Wild One by Kent Connolly

Fifteen racers took to the Daytona stage in what was anticipated to be a  wild night and the fans wouldn't be disappointed. Frank Buccialia III grabbed the pole Rodd Flagg outside front row. It was a caution free race but it didn't mean there wouldn't be fireworks. The last lap would be a wild one but when the smoke cleared Rodd Flagg would come out of the carnage the winner with Joshua Hanner in 2nd and Daniel Fergerson 3rd. Check back next week when the Xfinity boys roll into Kentucky.

Turner takes Daytona by Kent Connolly

1st Shawn Turner 2nd Daniel Fergerson 3rd David Schuitema 4th Austin Carver 5th Kent Connolly