Jaron Antley gets 1st win in Xfinity Series by Kent Connolly

What the field lacked in size it made up for in quality. Jaron Antley took the pole and led 97 of the 120 laps with Rodd Flagg leading the other 23. We had just one yellow flag  with just 4 caution laps.Jaron brought home the win with Flagg coming home second, Greg Hooks third, Doug Sigmon fourth, and Jimmy Todd bringing home fifth. Big changeup in the series lead with Jaron taking over the lead with the points leader  Frank Buccialia III a no show. Also the team championship changed up with Performance Motorsports taking the lead from RFR North.

Mceachin Wins at Dega by Austin Carver

There was a new draft model Monday night and one team capitalized on the inexperience of the rest of the field. RFR North and South dominated all the way to the end. It would be South’s own Shane Mceachin picking up the win. The win would be Mceachin’s first of the year and only the third different winner of the season. RFR North’s Frank Buccialia III would come up short on another win, but still finishing a strong second. South’s driver Joshua Hanner would again be mid pack of his own team, but managed to push his way to a third place finish. North’s Greg Hooks would be the final RFR driver and came home fourth. Jimmy Todd Racing would finally be represented in the top five with a shocking whole race completion by bad boy Shawn *The Banker* Turner. Turner not only finished the race, but also finished fifth.

Buccialia Wins Again by Austin Carver

It was another battle for RFR and Performance Motorsports to settle. RFR North driver Frank Buccialia III would dominate though and pick up his third win of the season. Performance’s Austin Carver would remain hot and used a two tire strategy to earn a second place finish. His teammates would follow in tow, with Daniel Fergerson and Jaron Antley coming home third and fourth. After a mid-race self-imposed penalty, RFR North’s Greg Hooks rebounded to finish fifth. Next week is DEGA and we expect to see a large field!

Carver Returns by Austin Carver
Carver Returns

The Revved Up crew headed to Bristol Monday night with the whole field set on beating the only winner of the season, Frank Buccialia III. Frank looked strong early, but several incidents sent him to the back multiple times. That allowed Performance Motorsport's Austin Carver to capitalize on a late race pit stop and gain the upper hand over teammate Jaron Antley. The Legend would find victory lane for the first time this season and ended Buccialia's dominate start. His Performance teammate Jaron Antley would lead the most laps, but struggle on old tires at the end. Antley was strong enough to hold off hard charging RFR South driver Joshua *5 Time* Hanner though. Hanner would finish third with yet another Performance driver, Daniel Fergerson coming home fourth. Lone ranger Doug Sigmon would yet again prove he is a top driver with another fifth place finish.  

Frank Buccialia III Wins First Xfinity by Austin Carver
Frank Buccialia III Writes Name in History Books

It was an historic night for the Revved Up Monday Night Series as they made the switch to the Xfinity cars. The switch brought out one of the largest fields in Revved Up history and provided some great racing. RFR North driver Frank Buccialia III would cement his name in the history books though, edging RFR South driver Joshua Hanner out for the win. It was a much needed strong second place run for once dominate driver Joshua Hanner though. RFR North would again be represented with Greg Hooks finishing third. Rod Mitten would still be a free agent Monday night, but he did not seem to mind. Mitten ran strong and finished stronger with a fourth place finish. RFR South would keep up with North though with Rodd Flagg finishing fifth in his first race as reigning champion. Thanks again for all 27 drivers who attended the first Xfinity race and we will be back in two weeks! 

Zack Novak Win #2 by Austin Carver
Zack Novak Shines Again, Flagg Wins Championship

It was the final race of the season and all holds were off as the Revved Up boys headed to Iowa. Zack Novak who will be headed to APEX next season was able to shine yet again and lead the most lap while picking up win for the second straight week. He would not have it easy though as Jaron Antley and David Wrobleski would pressure him through the final lap. Antley would spin however, and Wrobleski would finish a close second. Joshua Hanner would prove he can still run competively with a solid third place finish. Performance's Austin *The Legend* Carver would start the race out strong in pursuit of his third truck championship, but damage early from ex-teammate and rival Dennis Wright would hamper his run. Carver mananged to fight his way to fourth, but it would be four points to short. He may have barely cracked the top five, but the real winner on the night was Rodd Flagg who held off Carver to win his first career Revved Up championship. Performance Motorsports would finish the year strong and seal the deal on the team championship... ending 3D's domination. G's Up would end their final race strong with Gregory Thompson locking up the third spot in driver points. Performance would be represented again with Daniel Fergerson coming home fourth on the year. The shock of the year however came with Rowdy Boy's Racing having a driver in the top five. Kent Connolly would finish his season strong and round out the top five in driver points. Thanks to all who came out this season and we look forward to the Class B's in two weeks! 

Zack Novak Gets First Truck Win by Austin Carver
Zack Novak Gets First Truck Win

Zack Novak dominated the running at Atlanta and picked up his first career win. It was not an easy win for Zack as he had many hungry drivers on his tail, but his talent showed and he picked up the win. Rowdy Boys Racing's Matthew Laventure got tied up early with Austin Carver, but drove his way through the field to finish a strong second. Performance Motorsports would look to seal the deal one race early, and they did just that with Ryan Keiss finishing third and Daniel Fergerson fourth. Rowdy Boy's would again show up with Kent Connolly rounding out the top five. Heading into the finale the points could not be closer with Rodd Flagg leading The Legend Austin Carver by just five points. Performance Motorsports just has to start two drivers to clinch the team points... A milestone for Revved Up as the only team other than 3D to win. 

The Legend Returns by Austin Carver
The Legend Returns

Performance showed promise for next season with their free agent pickup Jaron Antley leading the most laps and pushing Performance's Austin Carver to the front. Carver and Antley would make contact and send the 32 truck spinning with just two laps going. Then it became a three truck race with Hanner, Wright and Carver. Carver and Wright hooked up and left Hanner all by himself. It was not over though as Carver and Rowdy Boys Racing's Dennis Wright netcoded off the final turn and sent Wright into the wall. The Legend would pick up the win, his first of the season. Five time Joshua Hanner would cross the line in second after his much anticipated return to competitive racing. Free agent Lance Armentrout Jr paired with Rowdy Boy's Racing Matthew Laventure to finish third, with Laventure coming home fourth. Performance would further their point advantage with Ryan Keiss rounding out the top five. 3D's Rodd Flagg would have a disastrous night losing a lot of his points lead. He still holds on to a 11 point lead of Austin Carver. 

Rodd Flagg Continues To Dominate by Austin Carver
Rodd Flagg Continues To Dominate

3D's Rodd Flagg continued his domination with a win at Homestead and extended his points lead. He would not have an easy win though with first time driver Jaron Antley leading early, but coming up short in second. Rowdy Boys Racing would give the nights shocker though with Kent Connolly coming home a seasons best third. Performance's Austin Carver would start in the pits and make his way up to fourth without any cautions to catch up. Rowdy Boys would again be represented with Rod Lease finishing fifth. Next week is Daytona so don't forget your drafting partner! 

Gregory Thompson Wins by Austin Carver
Gregory Thompson Wins after Thompson Penalt

3D's Ron Thompson would jump from fourth to first on the final restart, but had no easy job protecting the lead from Performance's Austin Carver. Carver drove hard into the final turn, but would bounce off the wall and allow Ron to cross the line first. Unfortuently, Ron was found to have switched lanes in the bold three wide move on the final restart and sent end of longest line per rules. That would give the win to another Thompson. G's Up own Gregory Thompson would drive a stellar race and find himself in second when it counted. G's Up would claim the front row with Frank Buccialia III returning to dominate the race, but come up just short with a second. Performance's Austin Carver would fall back to fourth on the final turn, but after the penalty would pick up third place points. His teammate Ryan Keiss would fight hard all night after an early wreck to incredibly finish fourth. David Schreck would patiently ride around and sneak his way into yet another top five finish. 

Keiss Dominates at Chicagoland by Austin Carver
Keiss and Performance Makes Gains

Performance was poised to have a good showing Monday after locking all three cars in the top five in qualifying. The race showed more domination with Ryan Keiss leading the most laps and taking the win. It would not be easy though with 3D's Rodd Flagg closing in on Keiss. Flagg would run out of steam though and finish second. Newcomer Zack Novak led for a little while, but after contact with the well, fell back to third. Performance was again represented by The Legend Austin Carver with a solid fourth place finish. Daniel Fergerson would top off Performance's solid night with a fifth place finish. Rodd Flagg still maintains his top spot in the points, but 3D loses the team points lead by a half a point. 

Rodd Flagg Wins at Gateway by Austin Carver
Flagg Wins at Gateway

3D would have a rough night overall, but their star shined yet again. Rodd Flagg lead the most laps and picked up the win and extended his points lead. Performance Motorsports would be right on 3D's tail though with Daniel Fergerson finishing second. Newcomer Jake Hayes drove a great race and finished third in his first career start. Performance would again be represented with team captain Ryan Keiss coming home fourth. Rowdy Boy's Racing would again be represented by Rod Lease who would continue his breakout season with a fifth place finish. 

Ronald Thompson Wins First by Austin Carver
Ronald Thompson Wins First of Career 

3D's Ronald Thompson led the most laps, but would feel the pressure from Gregory Thompson. Ronald would edge out Gregory to pick up his first career win! G's Up would enjoy Gregory's second place finish. David Schreck is a free agent, but proved he should not be with a strong third place finish. Rowdy Boy's proved they made a great hire with Rodney Lease finishing fourth and adding to his career best season. Performance's Daniel Fergerson would be the lone bright spot of the night with a fifth place finish. Next week is Gateway and the standings could not be closer with Rodd Flagg leading by only ten points! 

Brandon Chubirko Wins by Austin Carver
Chubirko Wins Motor City Battle

Brandon Chubirko would only lead two laps, but he would make them the most important. Chubirko drove hard and made contact with Tom Moustakas with two laps to go and overtook the lead. Moustakas was none to pleased with Chubirko's move and a pit fight broke out afterwards. 3D's Rodd Flagg would keep his nose clean and coast to a second place finish. James Tory would bring his truck out and make some noise with a third place finish after a far back starting position. G's Up would be represented well with Gregory Thompson finishing fourth. 3D would also be shown in the top five with Ronald Thompson finishing fifth. Remember we will be off next week for Alabama Vacation Night! 

Rodd Flagg Wins by Austin Carver
Flagg Dominates at Pheonix 

3D's Rodd Flagg dominated the race leading 94 laps and taking the win. Tom Moustakas would close in on Flagg, but was never able to fully close the gap and finished a strong second. Performance was able to have a strong show even with lacking its fearless leader Ryan Keiss. The Legend Austin Carver picked up the slack with a solid third place finish. Performance was again represented with Daniel Fergerson in fourth. Rowdy Boys would have another poor night, but not completely shut out with driver Kent Connolly fighting hard and rounding out the top five. 

Tom Moustakas Picks Up First by Austin Carver
Tom Moustakas Wins First

Tom Moustakas led the most laps and picked up the win at New Hampshire. It was Tom's first win, but it did not come easy. G's Up's Jason Oltmanns battled Tom hard all the way to the line. Oltmanns would finish a close second with a damaged truck. All eyes were on the return of The Legend and he did not let the fans down. Performance's Austin Carver battled throughout the race and ended up with a third place finish in his return. 3D would be represented with Rodd Flagg fighting hard and picking up a solid fourth place finish. Rowdy Boys Racing would also show some strength with Matthew Laventure rounding out the top five. 

Two in a row for Ray by Kent Connolly

Race 3 of 10 in the Freedom series at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Daniel Fergerson grabbed the pole with Ray Schmidt on outside front row. The race had no yellows with just 1 lead change. Ray Schmidt led 73 laps and more importantly the last one to grab the win. Timothy Kendrick grabbed second , Kenneth Schuitema third, David Schuitema fourth, and Daniel Fergerson bringing home fifth. Come out and support the league when the Freedom Cup cars turn right next week at Sonoma Raceway .

Ray Shines in Cali by Kent Connolly

Fontana, California--Ray Schmidt continued his dominance of the Freedom Cup Series as he chalked up yet another win at the Auto Club Speedway. Schmidt led the field for a total of 60 laps after starting in third. Pole sitter Rob Mitten led 3 laps as Jimmy Todd and David Schuitema both led 2 each. Todd trailed Schmidt in 2nd followed by Kent Connolly in third after both battled each other hard throughout the race. Mitten brought home 4th with Schuitema rounding out the Top 5. Two races down, three to go until the Winter Chase begins!

Shane wins Race and Championship by Kent Connolly

Race 6 of 6 in the truck series at Auto Club Speedway. Jason Oltmanns grabbed the pole with Matthew Laventure on outside front row. The championship was still up for grabs with Daniel Fergerson holding a slim 3 point lead over Shane Mceachin and Performance Motorsports holding just a 3 1/2 point lead over 3 D Racing in the Team points. The race had just 1 yellow with 9 lead changes .3D Motorsports Shane Mceachin led 30 laps and more importantly the last one to grab the win and the Truck championship and Team championship for 3 D Racing. Tom Moustakas grabbed second , Rodd Flagg  third, Joshua Hanner fourth, and Matthew Laventure bringing home fifth. 

Winter Warmup-Connolly Captures Daytona by Kent Connolly

Daytona Beach, FL—The Freedom Cup Series kicked off the Winter Season at Daytona International Speedway on Tuesday night and brought some exciting racing with it. Kent Connolly didn’t take the pole, but rather started 6th. Connolly didn’t lead the most laps, but rather just two…..but one of those two was the last one! Ray Schmidt took the Coors Light Pole Award with a lap of 46.914 seconds with Daniel Fergerson to his outside. Ray led the first part of the race for a total of seven laps before Jimmy Todd was able to wrestle the lead away and pace the field for a race high 54 laps. Todd found himself working with Daniel Fergerson most of the race and was able to avoid any trouble throughout the race. After the one lone caution for a single car wreck, a dash to the finish was set up. Todd and Fergerson paced the field yet again and contact between Fergerson and Schmidt sent Ray up into the wall and to the garage for the day. It looked to be a race between Todd and Fergerson until the trio of Connolly, Shawn Turner and Rodney Lease were able to hook up and challenge for the lead. Turner was able to get by Todd to lead four laps with Connolly in tow. Todd attempted to have Fergerson push him on the high side but the car had gotten too tight and Todd had to watch as the Turner, Connolly and Lease trio got smaller and smaller in his windshield. Turner and Connolly slugged it out on the last lap with a two car drag race to the finish line with Connolly edging out Turner for the checkered flag. From one coast to the other, the Freedom Cup Series heads to sunny California for this Tuesday’s race!

Mceachin puts the Whoop Down by Kent Connolly

Race 5 of 6 in the truck series at gateway Motorsports Park. Shane Mceachin grabbed the pole with Matthew Laventure on outside front row. The race had 8 yellows with 6 lead changes.3D Motorsports Shane Mceachin led 83 laps and more importantly the last one to grab the win. Joshua Hanner grabbed second , Matthew Laventure third, Daniel Fergerson  fourth, and Ryan Keiss bringing home fifth. Come out and support the league when the trucks take to Auto Club Speedway next week for the final race in the abbreviated season .

Joshua D. Baker gets in Win Column by Kent Connolly

Race 4 of 6 in the truck series at Daytona under the lights. Joshua Hanner grabbed the pole with Ronald Thompson on outside front row. The race had 3 yellows with 16 lead changes.Performance Motorsports Joshua D. Baker in only his second start at Revved Up Racing  came through with his first win. Joshua Hanner grabbed second , Ronald Thompson third, Shawn " The Banker" Turner fourth, and Dennis W. Wright bringing home fifth. Come out and support the league when the trucks take to Gateway Motorsports Park.

Schmidt wins the battle and the war by Dennis W. Wright

Ray Schmidt, 2014 Sunday Cup Champion

Homestead, Fl-  Ray Schmidt finished off the 2014 Sunday Cup Series winning an impressive 15th time.  Daniel Fergerson started on the pole and led numerous times but a pit mistake cost him a win.  Fergerson would come home second in the race and the championship.  Rodney Lease came home in 3rd place edging out Austin "The Legend" Carver at the line.  Kent Connolly would lead a couple laps and come home rounding out the top 5.  The race saw 2 cautions and include 8 lead changes among 3 drivers.  

Final 2014 Standings

1. Ray Schmidt        15 wins 4 poles   2480 points
2. Daniel Fergerson  7 wins 11 poles   2446 points
3. Kent Connolly       2 wins  1 pole    2413 points
4. Rodney Lease       0 wins  0 poles   2406 points
5. Dennis Wright II   0 wins  1 pole    2396 points
6. Austin Carver       1 win   5 poles    2315 points
7. Shawn Turner       0 wins  0 poles   2221 points 

I would like to personally thank all the drivers who supported the league.  I would be lying if I said I was happy with the turnout.  Was really hoping for a bigger crowd on Sundays and have a bigger mix of winners, but enjoyed the racing that we had.  Once again thanks for supporting the series and Revved Up.

Mcceachin wins at Homestead by Kent Connolly

18 Trucks took the grid at Homestead at the half way point of the season. Rodd Flagg took the pole and led the drivers out on a 100 lap shootout. With 4 yellow flags and 15 lead changes it was a racey night. Shane Mcceachin brought home the trophy with Doug Sigmon 2nd, Daniel Fergerson 3rd, Matthew Laventure 4th , and Lance Armentrout Jr rounding out the top 5. Next week Daytona come one come all.

And Then There Was One.... by Kent Connolly

Homestead, FL—The Freedom Cup Series rolled into the Homestead-Miami Speedway for the season finale and to crown the 2014 champion. Jimmy Todd put down a lap of 32.016 seconds to claim the Coors Light Pole with Ray Schmidt lined up on the outside of the front row. Todd got off to a quick start and quickly added more laps led to his career total. After several laps, Todd’s car went away and Schmidt, David Schuitema, and Timothy Kendrick found their way around the pole sitter. The slippery track conditions contributed to accidents that hindered the championship hopes of two of the title contenders, Todd and Schuitema. Todd lost the car off of Turn 2, pancaking the driver side of the car and later, in the same corner, the car broke loose sending Todd head on into the wall, destroying the engine and regulating the M&Ms Camry to the garage. Schuitema held the lead on a late restart but as the cars took the green flag the car broke loose and slammed into the front stretch wall taking Kendrick with him. After the mayhem subsided, Schmidt and Kent Connolly were the last two cars that had not suffered from misfortunes and raced for the checkered flag which Schmidt claimed, for his 13th win of the year, as well as the 2014 Freedom Cup Series Championship. Connolly brought home second with Kendrick claiming the third position. Schuitema was able to limp home in the fourth position and Todd rounded out the Top 5 while in the garage. The Freedom Cup Series will take the week off before beginning the 2014 Winter Season on November 25th. Please join us as we congratulate Ray Schmidt on the 2014 Freedom Cup Series Championship!

Final Standings

1. Ray Schmidt 5048

2. David Schuitema -7

3. Jimmy Todd -8

4. Rodney Lease -48

5. Kent Connolly -2652

6. Dennis Wright -2847

7. Timothy Kendrick -2882

8. Daniel Fergerson -2916

9. Robert Mitten -2967

10. Matt Laventure -2980

11. Austin Carver -3003

12. James Hudson -3048

Schuitema Wins Phoenix by Kent Connolly

Avondale, Arizona—The pressure was on, the drivers were primed and five drivers were ready to battle it out for three available spots as Ray Schmidt was the only driver breathing easy as the race prepared to kick off while David Schuitema, Kent Connolly, Rod Lease, Jimmy Todd, and Dennis Wright were ready to pull their belts tight and go to work over the next 104 laps. Ray Schmidt continued to show that his cars are fast by taking the pole position yet again, making it a clean sweep of every pole in the Eliminator round. Ray took the green flag with Jimmy Todd to his outside but it did not take long for David Schuitema to make his way under Todd and through to second place. This is where the troubles on the night started to find some of the drivers as several quick cautions began to cycle through claiming several victims including spins by Kent Connolly, Dennis Wright, and Shawn Turner, and even the pole sitter Schmidt after clipping the grass and slamming the wall hard to end his night. The race went green the rest of the way out and varying pit strategies just couldn’t overcome Schuitema’s fast car and gas mileage that got him to the checkered flag first. Todd came home a solid second with Lease bringing home third. Connolly finished in the fourth position and Wright rounded out the Top 5. Schuitema’s win secured him a spot in the final round of the Chase and left two spots open which were awarded to Todd and Lease. As the Freedom Cup Series races it’s way into the sunset at Homestead, Championship weekend festivities will be in full swing and a champion will be crowned!

Standings after Phoenix:

1. Ray Schmidt IN

2. David Schuitema IN

3. Jimmy Todd +2

4. Rod Lease +1

5. Kent Connolly -1

6. Dennis Wright -41

7. Daniel Fergerson -120

Keiss takes Phoenix by Kent Connolly

Race 2 of the abbreviated 6 race season was at Phoenix tonight for 100 laps. It was a Performance Motorsports front row with Daniel Fergerson on the pole and Ryan Keiss on the outside row. The race had 7 yellows with 3 different leaders. Ryan Keiss brought home the win, Rodd Flagg 2nd, Daniel Fergerson 3rd, Matthew Laventure 4th, and Ronald Thompson 5th. Next week Homestead come on out and support the league.

Fergerson in his own time zone by Dennis W. Wright

Daniel takes the pole and checkers in Phoenix

Phoenix, Az- With the Chase coming down to the end, Daniel Fergerson is doing all he can to win the championship.  Problem is it may be too much of a lead that Ray Schmidt has on the field.  Fergerson scored the maximum amount of points by collect the win in Phoenix, but Schmidt came in second to slow down any big gain in points.  Kent Connolly came home third in his bruised car, after a run in with his teammate Dennis Wright.  Rod Lease stayed calm and cool once again and finished fourth.  Wright rounded out the top 5.  There were 4 cautions with 6 lead changes among 5 drivers.  The Season comes to an end next week at Homestead Miami Speedway.

Kendrick captures Texas by Kent Connolly

Fort Worth, Texas—With just two races left until the final four drivers are set for their run at the Freedom Cup, the Freedom Cup Series headed into Texas for stop #2 of 3 in the Eliminator Round of the Chase. It was quickly apparent who had the fastest cars when they unloaded, the question was, who was going to get to the finish line first or would it be one of the underdogs? Ray Schmidt laid down a blistering lap of 29.036 seconds to take the pole with Timothy Kendrick qualifying on his outside. Schmidt and Kendrick swapped the lead back and forth after the green flag flew while Jimmy Todd, David Schuitema, Kent Connolly, and Rod Lease tried to maintain pace with them. It didn’t take long before Schmidt and Kendrick started extending their lead, leaving the field to fight for third place. Kendrick decided to pit earlier than the field for his last pit stop which proved pivotal in his battle with Schmidt as it gave him the lead as the stops cycled through as well and the trophy that awaits the winner in Victory Lane. Schmidt brought home second, followed by Schuitema, Todd, and Lease. With one race to go before the final four are locked in for the final race at Homestead, Ray Schmidt is the only driver that has secured his spot. The points battle will be intense as four of the seven eligible drivers are within just 2 points of each other!


1. Ray Schmidt IN

2. David Schuitema +2

3. Kent Connolly +1

4. Rod Lease +1

5. Jimmy Todd -1

6. Dennis Wright -40

7. Daniel Fergerson -79