Doug Sigmon shuts the door by Kent Connolly

  Doug not only shut the door he slamed the door on any pursuer in his championship hunt. Dennis Wright took the pole but soon relinquished the lead to Kent Connolly who was on a mission to lead the most laps and lead the last lap but he only attained one of his goals. On the last restart of the evening Doug started off with the lead  and thats exactly where he ended  the race with the lead,championship hopeful Kent Connolly coming in second and Jeffrey Kochis bringing home third exactly how they finished in the championship. A big congrats to Doug Sigmon on a well deserved win and championship. 

Michael Cosey Jr makes his mark by Kent Connolly
 Michael Cosey Jr jumps onto the scene in his 1st race with a strong run in the season 4 opener in the superspeedway series. With just 4 yellows in a hottly contested race which had some 3 and  even some 4 wide racing it made for some white knuckled racing. Michael brought home 1st , Spencer Prete brought 2nd home and Thomas Keene brought home 3rd. Come join us for what seems like a promising start for the season.

Sigmon Takes Concord, Carver Championship by Austin Carver
Doug Sigmon Conquered Concord 

Doug Sigmon battled hard all race and a late race caution set him up to win at Concord. Austin Craig looked poised to win until the final caution put him to second and he could not pull off the pass for the win. Craig would fall to third with Austin Carver picking up second. Jacob Pendley would finish a strong fourth after many adjustments during the running. With another strong run to close the season, Jeffrey Kochis finished fifth. The championship was also decided Thursday night. Congrats to our champion... We know him as The Legend, but friends and family simply call him Austin. Yes that is right Austin Carver is the newest Hooters Late Model Series champion! Doug Sigmon battled Carver hard until the final race and finished just seven points behind. Jacob Pendley would finish third and Jeffrey Kochis would finish fourth. After many visit with the wall throughout the season, Kent *Tough Luck* Connolly would warp across the line and finish fifth in the championship! Congrats to all drivers who were able to run for the points title! 

Brandon Chubirko Edges Joshua Hanner by Austin Carver
Chubirko Picks Up Win #1 for the Season

No Name teammates Brandon Chubirko and Joshua Hanner were locked in a duel all the way past the line. Chubirko would barely edge Hanner in one of the closes finishes ever at Revved Up. The free agent driver Ray Schmidt would fight hard against the No Name drivers, but came up short of the win in third. Rowdy Boys Racing star Austin Carver would look slow early, but made major adjustments and came home fourth. Chuck Runyan would stay out under the last caution, but his truck was fast enough to hold on to a top five and prove his decision was a good one. With just two races left in the season, there is only a seven point difference between Frank Buccialia III and Austin Carver, but don't count out Joshua Hanner either to make a surprise move to defend his two championship reign! 

Daniel Fergerson wins at Darlington by Dennis W. Wright

Fergerson denies the lady a stripe

Darlington, SC- Daniel Fergerson get his first win of the Revved Up cup series at Darlington Speedway.  Not only did Daniel win the race he led the most laps and raced incident free.  He started the night out in 7th place but slowly let attrition take to the field and then pounced.  James Hudson2 started on the pole and led 35 laps but was caught back in traffic after a late race yellow.  Rodney Lease ran his own race and raced the track and also brought his car home without a scratch.  Things could be anymore different with the fourth place finisher on the night.  Dennis W Wright hit everything but the pace car  but was able to salvage a decent finish.  We caught up to Dennis after the race and he had this to say,  " I'm glad we are done with this bleeping track."  Yves Gallagher  tried his hardest to get around Dennis but had to settle for 5th place.  Daniel Fergerson was able to take over the points lead as Kent Connolly struggled on the night.   Our reporters caught up with Kent and he had this to say, " I was looking for my mentor Austin Carver but couldn't find him tonight so I was off my game."  The race was slowed by only 2 cautions and saw 3 lead changes amongst 2 drivers.  The drivers have next week off to spend Easter weekend with their families before heading to Richmond International Raceway. 

Sterk kills Lanier by Kent Connolly

Well when Kyle Sterk shows up he wins and tonight proved just that. Kyle grabbed the pole and was in domination mode when a yellow came out and tightened up the field but that didn't last long. Kyle restarted where he left off before the yellow and went on to cruise to victory with Joe Marks getting second and Kent Connolly taking third. Next week don't forget to check in to see if Doug Sigmon can hold on to his six point lead in the championship points at season finale at Irwindale Outer.

Connolly shocks racing community by Kent Connolly

With Austin "The So Called Legend"  a no show tonights race was wide open. Newcomer Austin Craig grabbed the pole but would lose the lead to Doug Sigmon who needed to get as many bonus points for the race with just one race left in the season. Jacob Pendley would take over the lead late in the race in a battle of gas strategy and track position when Kent Connolly saw an opening late in the race he jumped on it like a rabid dog ravages red meat. Connolly and Pendley touched in what some say rough driving by Connolly but later Kent would say it was a go time so I went end of discussion. Jacob Pendley took home second and Doug Sigmon grabbed third. Next week Concord show up and see if Carver can close the championship. 

Ray Schmidt tames Darlington by Kent Connolly

Darlington, SC—The Lady in Black chose her dance partner and that driver was none other than Ray Schmidt. Schmidt led every lap except for two where Matt Laventure and Jimmy Todd each led for one lap each. Schmidt took home the win followed by Daniel Fergerson in second. Kent Connolly brought his machine home in third with Rodney Lease securing a nice fourth place finish. Todd rounded out the Top 5 after an engine failure derailed a strong run.

Hanner Tames Lady in Black by Austin Carver
Joshua Hanner Wins at The Lady in Black

No Name star Joshua Hanner rode behind G's Up driver Frank Buccialia III for most of the race, but when it was go time, Hanner found another gear. Joshua flew past Buccialia after the final restart and drove away to victory. Buccialia would have a solid points day and gain ground over second place Austin Carver. No Name undervalued driver Shane Mceachin would have another solid night and finish third. G's Up would again be represented inside the top five with Gregory Thompson finishing fourth. JPR's Johnny Penland would pick up his best career finish in fifth! The race only saw two cautions flags with an impressive show of respect by the drivers in the field! 

Flag to Flag by Dennis W. Wright

Brandon Chubirko claims yet another W

Fort Worth, Tx-  Brandon Chubirko dominated Texas by taking the pole and leading every lap collecting his third win in a row on Sunday Night.   Joshua Hanner would come in a solid second place with Ray Schmidt in third.  Daniel Fergerson had a solid run coming in fourth and Jimmy Todd knocked the wall down trying a "Connolly adjustment" but managed to come home in fifth place.  Kent Connolly takes over as the points leader with the absence of Austin Carver.  Connolly leads by 1 point over Fergerson and 2 points over Carver heading into Darlington. 

Joe Marks hits the mark by Kent Connolly

Darryl Tiezzi grabed the pole but would soon relinquish the lead to Joe Marks who stretched out his lead only to have the field come back with a couple of early cautions. Joe used some strategy by staying out on the last caution only to have Doug Sigmon  hot on his trail but fell just short to grab second to Joe with Darryl bringing home third. Doug stretched out his championship lead to 6 points to Kent Connolly with just 2 races to go and Jeffrey Kochis just 8 points back.

William Burton Snags First Win, Carver Brings Home Crown by Austin Carver
William Burton Wins Race, Carver Wins Championship

William Burton with help from championship contender Austin Carver looked to be distant third and fourth finishers up until the last lap. Dennis Wright and Wesley Donaldson were hooked up with a sizable gap between them and the duo of Carver and Burton. With just one lap to go though, the duo switched and Carver latched on to Burton for one final push. The two ran down the lead duo of Wright and Donaldson and overtook them as Wright and Donaldson spun in turn four. Burton would hold Carver off and pick up his first career victory. Carver would come up short for the win, but managed to win the championship. Wesley Donaldson would finish third and Dennis Wright would survive the wreck to cross the line fourth. Kent Connolly looked strong, but a late race caution shuffled him to the back. Connolly would fight hard though and rounded out the top five. Carver would win the championship over David Baker by just ten points. Baker would hold Rod Lease off from stealing second by just two points! Kent Connolly would finish the season in fourth spot with William Burton finishing in the fifth spot! By far the closes points battle of all time here at Revved Up and a huge congratulations to the points contenders! 

Carver Wins at Richmond by Austin Carver
Carver Dominates at Richmond

Doug Sigmon looked to make up ground on point leader Austin Carver, Thursday night. Sigmon would start off doing just that by picking up the pole and the bonus points that come with it. Carver would start in the back of the pack, but quickly made his way through the field and into the lead. Pit Strategy was in play during the entire race that featured no cautions and many different pit laps made it an interesting ending. In the closing laps Kent *Rudy* Connolly finally got to lead, but it simply was more of a fan touted event rather than a race changing lead change. Connolly soon relinquished the lead to the true leader of Carver and he would lead from there to win at Richmond. Jeffrey Kochis would finish second and prove he is a strong contender yet again. Kent Connolly would fall to third after his pit stop and Doug Sigmon would come home a disappointing fourth. William Roberts would make an appearance and round out the top five. 

Hudson takes Texas by Kent Connolly

 Fort Worth, Texas—James Hudson made his return to the Freedom Cup series and it didn’t take long for him to make his presence felt. Hudson took the pole, led 108 of the 112 laps, and brought home the checkered flag. The only other drivers to lead laps besides Hudson were Matt Laventure for 2 laps, Ray Schmidt and Jimmy Todd who both led 1 apiece. Schmidt finished second followed by Kent Connolly in third. Laventure’s persistence following a pit road run in with Schmidt nabbed him a fourth place finish and Rodney Lease rounded out the Top 5. The night did not go as planned for Todd, Dave Nestor or Jacob Pendley as each of them suffered accidents that resulted in major damage to their machines and made for a long night of repairs in the garage. Next week the Freedom Cup series rolls into the famed Darlington Raceway for race #8 of the season!

Race to the Chase Update:

1 Ray Schmidt 287

2 Jimmy Todd -10

3 Austin Carve -12

4 Matt Laventure -19

5 Rodney Lease -25

6 Kent Connolly -60

7 James Hudson -78

8 Timothy Kendrick -177

9 Yves Gallagher -182

10 Daniel Fergerson -207

WC Dennis Wright

WC Arthur Ellegood

Carver Picks Up Another Clock by Austin Carver
Carver Wins at Martinsville

The short flat track of Martinsville always provides excitement for the drivers and Monday night was no exception. Matthew Laventure started on the pole and looked to be a real threat for the win until pit strategy put him in harms way. Laventure would end up with a disappointing finish in twenty-first place. Rowdy Boys Racing heart throb Austin Carver might have been the dark horse middle ways into the race, but by the end he was showing muscle. Carver capitalized on the last pit stop to gain track position and held off the hungry No Name drivers of Joshua Hanner and Brandon Chubirko. G's Up driver and points leader Frank Buccialia III would battle through the pack to cross the line second and keep the points lead. Dennis *Wild Thang* Wright would have his best run of the season and came home third after crew chief Harry Hogge put on a special set of tires on during the final pit stop. William Roberts would make an impressive return to the series with a fourth place run. Wesley Donaldson showcased his talent yet again with a fifth place finish. With the win Tuesday and now Monday night, we must ask is Austin Carver the G.O.A.T. of Martinsville? We sure think so...

Chubirko goes back to back by Dennis W. Wright

Brandon Chubirko captures the flag at Marty

Martinsville, VA-  Brandon Chubirko took the pole and led 96 of 150 laps enroute to his second win in as many weeks.  His win didn't come easy though.  Jason Oltmanns gave chase and battled hard the last few laps but came up short and had to settle for second place.   Clifton Cockrell kept his cool all night and was able to come home third in a clean car.   Austin "The Legend" Carver led a few laps early on and looked to be able to run down Chubirko late in the race but his car gave up on him and he had to settle for fourth place.  Daniel Fergerson rounded out the top five.   After 6 races the points are tight with the top 6 separated by only 18 points headed in to Texas next Sunday. 

Carver Masters Martinsville by Austin Carver

Martinsville, Va—Austin Carver not only won the race, he simply mastered Tuesday’s activities at Martinsville. Carver won the pole, led the most laps, and took home the grandfather clock following a race that was slowed by only 2 cautions for 10 laps. The only other leader of the race was Jimmy Todd who snagged the lead by staying out under one of these cautions. Ray Schmidt brought his Ford home in 2nd and was followed in 3rd place by Matt Laventure. Kent Connolly brought his machine home in 4th and Todd came home in 5th place after a strong run was sidetracked by a crash and a lengthy stay in the garage. Next week the Freedom Cup Series heads to the Texas Motor Speedway where everything is bigger in Texas, especially the action on the track!

Freedom Cup Race to the Chase Standings:

1. R. Schmidt 244

2. A. Carver -4

3. J. Todd -6

4. M. Laventure -17

5. R. Lease -21

6. K. Connolly -58

7. J. Hudson -83

8. T. Kendrick -134

9. Y. Gallaghe -139

10. D. Fergerson -164

11. D. Wright WC

12. A. Ellegood WC

Trifecta by Kent Connolly

Different track same results for Kyle "Modified King" Sterk. Kyle grabbed the pole led every lap in a caution free race till Dennis Wright brought the only yellow late in the race in a fast paced race at South Boston. Doug Sigmon took second place in the race and took over the points lead when everyones favorite Kent Connolly ran out of talent and ran over the water barrels early in the race. Jeffrey Kochis grabbed third place. It's comin down too the wire in a hotely contested points battle with just races to go.

Coming down to the wire by Kent Connolly

With just 2 races left in the superspeedway series the racers took to Daytona night for some hard racing. With several lead changes Carver, Connolly , and Lease decided to short pit  and this seemed to serve them well. With a pit road malfunction by their only contenders  the trio went into cruise mode, but changed with a lap to go when Rodney Lease nosed out Kent Connolly to the line with Austin Carver in hot pursuit. Well race fans and racers its coming down to crunch time as the Superspeedway league has a close three way battle with just with just one race left. Austin "Legend in his own mind" Carver has a slim 3 point lead over David M.Baker and a 5 point lead over Rodney Lease. So come out to Talladega for the season Finale.

Carver Wins at Langley by Austin Carver
Austin Carver Goes Back to Back

Doug Sigmon and Austin Carver were locked in a very tight points championship race headed into the night with Carver leading by only eight points. Doug Sigmon would show he meant business early when he picked up the pole and the extra bonus point that came with it. Sigmon would jump out to a cozy lead at the start, but eventually surrendered it to rival Austin Carver. Carver checked out from there until he gave up the lead to Sigmon after a pit stop. The two battled hard as they have done all season, until Carver earned the position and crossed the line first. Sigmon would come home second and remains just twelve points behind Carver. Jeffrey Kochis would again show muscle and cruised to a third place finish. Kent *Wall Banging* Connolly would find trouble often, but finished fourth. Jacob Pendley finished fifth after a disappointing showing. Just three races remain and anything can happen to the championship picture! 

Just enough fuel by Dennis W. Wright

Brandon Chubirko saves in California

Fontana, Ca-  Brandon Chubirko took home the checkers after starting on the outside pole.  Brandon didn't have it easy tho as Daniel Fergerson gave him a run for his money and passed him midway thru the first round of pitstops.  Brandon would save just enough fuel tho so he didn't have to make a second stop.  Daniel brought his car home second after short pitting.  His strategy seemed to be the way to go as others followed him.  Ray Schmidt would bring his machine home third followed by Austin Carver and Jimmy Todd.  Pole sitter, Jason Oltmanns bid for the win fell short when he lost control and slapped the turn 2 wall.  Austin had a solid run going until he had to pit to remove debris from his grill. Replay showed what appeared to be a hot dog wrapper come out of Kent Connolly's car during the caution period.  Speaking of hot dogs, the cup series rolls into Martinsville, Va for some short track action next week.

2 for 2 by Kent Connolly
Kyle Sterk went into Stafford wanting to prove last week was no fluke, and that is exactly what he did by grabbing the pole and leading all 120 laps. Scott Blaney took home second place with Darryl Tiezzi bringing home third.It's coming down to the wire with Kent Connolly and Doug Sigmon tied with the lead with Jeffrey Kochis and Dennis Wright just a few points behind with just 4 races leftfor the Championship.

Wright Has Right Idea by Austin Carver
Wright Shocks World at Daytona 

Just hours after many brackets were totally busted with the huge upset of Mercer over Duke, the sim world experienced its own jaw dropping odds breaker. Dennis *Rowdy* Wright won at Daytona with help from teammate and personal hero Austin Carver. Chris Roberts would lead up until the final laps until gas was required. David M Baker fought up to fourth with help, but still managed to fall one point behind Austin Carver for the points lead. Zachary Trull would round out the top five after a absence from the series. Just ten points between first and third with just two races remaining! 

Laventure Wins at California by Austin Carver

Fontana, CA—Matt Laventure continued his hot streak at the Auto Club Speedway as he collected his third win of the Revved Up Freedom Cup season. Laventure led all but one of the 67 laps from the pole, with Austin Carver being the only other driver to lead a lap. Bringing home second was Ray Schmidt, followed by Dennis Wright and Rodney Lease in third and fourth respectively. Carver rounded out the Top 5 of the field. The race went caution free despite an early wreck that claimed the cars of Kent Connolly and Michael Fenner while Jimmy Todd had a strong run that was derailed with electrical issues. Next week, the Freedom Cup Series heads out to Virginia as the cars hit the track at the famed Martinsville Speedway! Race to the Chase Standings update:

1. R. Schmidt 202

2. J. Todd -4

3. A. Carver -10

4. M. Laventure -16

5. R. Lease -17

6. J. Hudson -41

7. K. Connolly -56

8. T. Kendrick -92

9. Y. Gallagher -97

10. D. Fergerson -122

11. D. Wright WC

12. A. Ellegood WC

Carver Wins Fourth Race of Season by Austin Carver
Austin Carver Earns Win #4

Jacob Pendley sat on the pole and dominated the first part of the race. Pendley would find trouble in the pits though and fall back to second. Austin Carver would be quick to pick up the lead and eventually the win. Carver would earn his fourth win of the season and take a eight point points lead over Doug Sigmon. Kent Connolly would look slow at the start, but ended up running third after many Connolly adjustments. Jeffrey Kochis would again impress with a fourth place finish. Doug Sigmon would have issues on the start and had to use a fast tow to finish the running. Sigmon would finish fifth and salvage points. 

Daniel Michler Wins at California by Austin Carver
Michler is the Victor in Cali 

Daniel Michler did not lead every lap, but he lead the most important one. Michler held off a hard charging field to pick up another win and add to his championship chances. Gene Daily would fight hard all night and it paid it for him with a second place finish. Joshua Hanner bounced back from a wreck early on to finish third. Rowdy Boy's own Austin Carver would pick his way through the field to earn a fourth at the line. Daniel Fergerson kept his nose clean by making some impressive avoidance maneuvers to finish in the fifth spot. The point lead is still tight with just five races remaining. Daniel Michler, Frank Buccialia III, Austin Carver and Joshua Hanner are within reach of the trophy. 

Connolly outshines field by Dennis W. Wright

Kent Connolly wins in Thunder Valley

Bristol, TN-Kent Connolly proved to the world why he has devoted his life to sim racing. Brandon Chubirko led the field down to the green flag after taking the pole. Chubirko and Jason Oltmanns ran 1-2 for the first part of the race. Oltmanns took over the lead from Chubirko when the two came up on lap traffic and started pulling away.   Connolly kept his focus and ran down Otlmanns and was able to take the lead and lead the last 49 laps. Oltmanns came in second with Chubirko third Jimmy Todd fourth and Clifton Cockrell rounded out the top five. The race was slowed by only one yellow. Austin Carver remains the points lead by 2 points over  Connolly after missing the grid with electrical issues and finishing laps down.  The Cup series heads back out west to California next week.

Rookie outclasses field by Kent Connolly
Kyle Sterk comes out to the flat track of New Hampshire and dominates the field. Kyle took the pole and led start to finish in a no yellow flag night. Doug Sigmon brought home a strong second with Darryl Tiezzi bringing home third. Good run boys join us at Stafford next week.

Jason Oltmanns Wins First Career Friday Night Race by Austin Carver
Jason Oltmanns Edges Chubirko 

Dennis Wright sat on the pole in what many considered to be a lucky lap. It would not be long before the stars and the universe got back on the right axis and Wright would be back in the pack with a damaged car. That left Jason Oltmann and Brandon Chubirko to fight for the lead. Following a last lap wreck, Chubirko tried the high side and failed to get past Jason. Jason picked up the win and Brandon came in second. Doug McCollum would impress with a solid third place finish in his first race. William Burton4 would limp across to line to pick up fourth and David Baker would round out the top five. With just three races left in the season, we have a three way tie for the point lead! Rod Lease, Austin Carver and David Baker are all locked up for the top spot. 

Jacob Pendley Wins at Marty by Austin Carver
The Clock Goes to Pendley 

Austin Carver won the pole and stayed out front for the first thirty laps until Jacob Pendley changed things. Pendley was on the hunt and got the prey when he blew past Carver for the lead. Pendley dominated the rest of the race and won. Doug Sigmon would take his damaged car up to second with Jeffrey Kochis finishing a strong third. Carver would rebound from a pit road penalty to finish fourth and Kent Connolly would not cause a caution and rounded out the top five. Doug and Austin are tied for the points lead with just five races remaining! 

Laventure Picks Up Second Win In Bristol by Jimmy Todd

Matt Laventure took off with the lead at Bristol and never looked back. Laventure paced the field for 86 laps and took the checkered flag 2 laps ahead of the field. Other leaders included Ray Schmidt for a total of 49 laps, James Hudson for 27 laps, Jimmy Todd for 4 laps, and Brain Steger for 1 laps. Steger brought home 2nd place followed by Schmidt in 3rd. Todd and Kent Connolly brought home 4th and 5th respectively. Hudson's point lead has now been chipped away and currently stands a mere one point ahead of Schmidt and Todd who are tied for 2nd place. The next stop on the Freedom Cup schedule is sunny California!

Race to the Chase update:
1. J. Hudson        161
2 R. Schmidt        -1
3. J. Todd            -1     
4. A. Carver         -9
5. R. Lease          -16
6. M. Laventure    -23
7. K. Connolly      -51
8. T. Kendrick      -51  
9. Y. Gallagher     -56
10. D. Fergerson   -81
WC. A. Ellegood    
WC. J. Tory

Hanner Picks Up Win by Austin Carver
Hanner Wins at Sin City

No Name's Joshua Hanner gambled on fuel and won big at Las Vegas. Hanner held off Checkers or Wreckers star Daniel Michler who was also low on fuel. Michler would finish second and inch ahead in the championship points. Michler finished one position ahead of championship contender Frank Buccialia III. Buccialia came home third ahead of another championship contender Austin Carver. Performance Motorsport's Daniel Fergerson would round out the top five. 

Bet on Black by Dennis W. Wright

Chubirko cashes in at Vegas

Las Vegas, NV-  Brandon Chubirko started on the pole with an impressive lap of 29.434 and led the most laps to bring home the win.  Daniel Fergerson wouldn't go down without a fight but had to settle for runner up after taking his share of leading.  Jason Oltmanns ran up front and came home third. Jimmy Todd was able to bounce back from early contact to finish forth while Rod Lease rounded out the top five with his solid night. Austin Carver's point lead remains 4 points ahead of 2nd place as the Sunday Cup boys head back east to Thunder Valley and Bristol Motor Speedway for next week race.

Carver Wins First Tour Mods by Austin Carver
Carver Puts on Show for All at Thompson 

Darryl Tiezzi laid down an impressive lap to pick up the pole. Austin Carver would start on the outside, but quickly received heavy damage by pushing up into the turn one wall. Carver would go multiple laps down after repairs in the pit. Carver would then be able to get one lucky dog and fight the old fashion way to gain another. Carver then made his way through the field to second. Darryl Tiezzi had a dominate run going and looked to be the favorite to win, until Tiezzi pushed up into the wall and out of contention for the win. Carver would take the lead and never looked back. This would be the first victory on Saturday night for the leagues most popular driver. Kent Connolly had championship aspirations and did himself great favor with a second place finish. Dennis Wright would look strong early, but fell back to third. Darryl Tiezzi would come home fourth and 
Jeffrey Kochis would round out the top five. 

Baker Wins at Daytona by Austin Carver
Bakers Wins at Daytona

David Baker found victory lane after running up front throughout the race. Baker held off hard charging Ray Schmidt to the line to pick up his first career victory! Schmidt would finish second after capitalizing on a last lap pull out by Austin Carver. Carver would finish third. Kent Connolly would mess up on the final pit stop and fall to fourth. Rodney Lease would yet again lose ground on the points lead with a fifth place finish. On a side note, Austin Carver did report to the right track for a change. 

Ole Faithful Strikes Again by Austin Carver
Carver Makes Most of Only Caution

There are two things that will never change. One being Kent *Ole Faithful* Connolly causing a caution. The second constant would be The Legend Austin Carver doing something amazing. Carver who started in the pits, capitalized on Kent Connolly causing the only caution to catch back up to the dominate Travis Wright. Wright who stayed out the final pit, was unable to hold Carver off for the win. The two swapped positions multiple times with Carver coming out up front and Wright in second. Doug Sigmon held onto the points lead with a third place finish. Jeffrey Kochis again showcased his strength with a fourth place finish. Jacob Pendley would receive damage, but still managed to put out a top five. 

Carver Cashes in at Las Vegas by Austin Carver

Las Vegas, Nevada--Three different races, three different winners. That's the story in the Revved Up Freedom Cup Series as the competition heats up! Austin Carver started the race from the 7th position but he didn't stay there for long. Carver made his way through the pack to lead 48 laps and take the checkered flag. Also taking their turns at the front of the field were Ray Schmidt for 25 laps, Matt Laventure and Jimmy Todd both for 6 laps, and Timothy Kendrick and James Hudson for 2 laps each. Bringing home 2nd place was Laventure followed by Schmidt. Todd used a gas and go on the last pit stop to bring home 4th and Daniel Fergerson rounded out the Top 5. The next stop on the Freedom Cup schedule is the Bristol bullring! The updated standings in reference to the Race to the Chase shapes up as follows:

1. James Hudson 126

2. Jimmy Todd -7

3. Ray Schmidt -8

4. Austin Carver -11

5. Rodney Lease -19

6. Matt Laventure -36

7. Daniel Fergerson -46

8. Timothy Kendrick-51

9. Kent Connolly -55

10. Arthur Ellegood -56

WC. Yves Gallagher

WC. Frank Buccialia III

Ray Schmidt wins out west by Dennis W. Wright

Ray Schmidt stays cool in the desert

Avondale, AZ- Austin Carver started race 2 of the Cup season on the pole and looked to have the checkers in hand but a late race caution brought out a green, white, checkers finish.  Strategies were in hand for the crew chiefs as Daniel Fergerson would stay out while race leader, Carver and second place Ray Schmidt would pit and put on four brand new Good Years.  The green flag waved and Daniel jumped out to a lead while Carver had transmission problems.  That would allow Ray, in the second row, a run to get under Daniel coming to the white.  Carver would catch Ray but didn't have enough to get by Ray and had to settle for second place while Ray picked up his first win of the season with Daniel coming home third after leading the most laps.  James Tory  would come home fourth and Jimmy Todd would lead a few laps and round out the top 5.  Next week the Revved Up Cup Series stays out west to do a little gambling in Sin City.   

Two in a row for Scott by Kent Connolly

 Well it was off to the beloved Oxford Plains for some saturday night racin Doug Sigmon started the race like he was the man to beat before a steering malfunction put him into the wall. That's where Scott Blaney took the lead and never looked back. Kent Connolly would limp home with second and rising star Darryl Tiezzi brought home 3rd. 

Carver Wins Final Race by Austin Carver
Austin Carver Edges Connolly for Championship

The decision would be made to call it quits for Friday Night Fights due to funding. The question was who would bring home the final race and championship? Austin Carver held off a fast Kent Connolly in a western style gun fight that ended at the line. Connolly as can be seen in the picture, was none to happy to Carver driving style and tried one last bump and run at the line. Connolly came up short both on the track and in the championship race. Josh Dietz would finish third and Ray Schmidt would come home fourth. Yves Gallagher would round out the top five. 

Schmidt Wins at Dega by Austin Carver
Ray Schmidt Holds Field Off to Win at Daytona

Ray Schmidt avoided the wrecks and remained upfront all night and in the end came home victorious. Schmidt had to keep drafting partner Jimmy Todd from getting a run in the final turn, but a slip up by Todd sent him into the wall and Ray pulled away. Todd came home second with Yves Gallagher finishing third. Austin Carver would come home fourth and Michael Coholich would round out the top five. 

Carver Outlast Others to Win by Austin Carver
Carver Wins at South Boston 

Austin Carver kept his car clean and brought home the win on Thursday night. Jeffrey Kochis had a great run and tied his season best second place finish. Doug Sigmon would receive some damage and had to battle a internet issue, but still came home third. Ryan Keiss looked to be strong early on, but found slick spot multiple times. Keiss would come home fourth with Tony Fehn rounding out to top five.

Hanner Makes Big Return by Austin Carver
Joshua Hanner Wins in Return

No Name's Joshua Hanner made his return and won with friend Frank Buccialia III pushing for most of the race. Joshua edged out G's Up Buccialia for the win, but Frank would keep the points lead with his second place finish. Performance Motorsport's Doug Nieskes would have his best run of the season when he came home third. Charles Edwards would take advantage of help from Zachary Trull to pick up his season best with a fourth. Zachary Trull would round out the top five. 

Carver Wins At Daytona by Austin Carver
Carver Wins Inaugural Sunday Night Cup Series Race 

Rowdy Boys Racing teammates Austin Carver and Kent Connolly would fight it out for the first ever Sunday Night Cup Series win. Carver would be the better man yet again when he made a daring last turn pass with help from Yves Gallagher to edge Kent at the line. Kent would lock the second spot down, barely inching Yves to the line. Yves would come home third and Rodney Lease would keep it clean and finish fourth. Dennis Wright looked to be the favorite, but a mistake by Dennis in the turn sent him to the wall and into the pits. This is the start of a entire cup schedule and chase with lots of money on the line and still time to get in on the action!   

Carver Continues Hot Streak by Austin Carver
Austin Carver Dominates South Boston

Austin Carver lead every lap and dominated at South Boston. Kent Connolly who was bumped by the much faster lead lap car and eventual winner Austin Carver, would finish second. Dylan Ackart would finish third and Jason Castaldo would come home fourth. Ned Jarrett would round out the top five. 

Yves slays Dega by Kent Connolly
Well it was just a matter of of time before the inevitable happened eveyone knew Yves Gallagher would win but it was just a matter of when. With a smaller field there was a lot of ploting going on. With just five cars making there last pits Yves came out in first with Kent Connolly right behind him it stayed that way till the finish.William Burton4 brought home a strong third. 

Big welcome back by Kent Connolly

Well it was a big welcome back for William Roberts2 as he grabs the pole, led the most laps, and grabbed the win, but it wasn't easy for William he had to work his way back through the field. Doug Sigmon  put another solid performance to grab second and keep his stranglehold on the championship with Kent Connolly limping in with a third place.

James Hudson Dominates Daytona by Jimmy Todd

Daytona Beach, Florida--The first round of the Revved Up Freedom Cup Series was one for the record books....literally! The 67 lap event came down to just a few inches to determine the winner with James Hudson edging Frank Buccialia III by a mere .001 seconds. Hudson and Buccialia III combined to lead 62 of the 67 laps with Hudson leading the most with 51. The race went caution free though some hair raising moments still occurred as Austin Carver, Ray Schmidt, Charles Edwards, and Art Ellegood all suffered damage during the race. With Hudson and Buccialia III taking first and second place respectively, Zachary Trull brought home third place followed closely behind by Daniel Fergersen in fourth with Jimmy Todd rounding out the Top 5. As far as the Top 10 drivers and the two Wild Cards go, here are the standings headed into Phoenix:
#56 J. Hudson48Leader
#94 F. Buccialia III43-5
#80 Z. Trull42-6
#25 D. Fergerson41-7
#18 J. Todd39-9
#78 D. Pack38-10
#051 Y. Gallagher37-11
#12 R. Schmidt 36-12
#41 R. Lease36-12
#16 A. Carver34-14
#27 C. Edwards (WC)33-15
#021 A. Ellegood (WC)32-16